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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I believe they used to be kept separate in the days before real-time updating of votes as at present with scanned ballot papers. You can see how it would look if the same thing happened as in 2012 - Labour gets more votes on the day and then the postal votes are added and - pouf - the majority has gone. Looks as dodgy as.
They can still be studied afterwards.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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First round results:

Labour 44%
Tory 35%
Green 6%
Lib Dem 5%
Women's Party 3%
Respect 1%
Britain First 1%
Cannabis 1%
BNP 1%
Independent 1%
Love <1%

- not yet confirmed -
By Philip Marlow
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In keeping with the tone of quiet dignity which his campaign has adopted from the very beginning, Zac Goldsmith today conceded the London mayoral election to his Labour opponent.
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By Fozzy
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Mail readers are utterly convinced this has only happened because London is full of feelthy Muslims. The concept of a white anglo saxon voting anything other than Goldsmith or UKIP is more than they can possibly countenance. I'm heavily tempted to get their brains to explode by starting a rumour that Khan's first action will be to turn St Paul's into a mosque.
By KevS
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Those of you with Bookface, wait until you read the comments under any news story reporting Khan's victory.

The word you will be looking for is "Wow."

On the brighter side however, plenty are now saying they will never visit London again, or will move out. Excellent, makes it a far nicer day out for the rest of us when we go in.
By bluebellnutter
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Declaration set for midnight owing to "small discrepancies in the figures"
A huge groan goes up in the media centre at City Hall. An announcement reveals that the delay in the final result is due to “a small discrepancy in the mayoral numbers” and that the count officials are working to rectify that in conjunction with the Electoral Commission. It means they are “working towards a declaration at midnight.”
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