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By Agnes
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That Breitbart article is really one for the ages. I absolutely love his PS:
N.B. Dr. Johnson also once remarked, “I am willing to love all mankind, except an American”. Again, I disagree. I find myself effectively only willing to love freedom-defending Americans (you may culturally self-identify if that helps) any more. Mankind, sadly, is neither manly, nor kindly, anymore.
Oh, pass me a fucking violin. Look, my people did badly up here. What do we do? We pick ourselves up. We dust ourselves down. We celebrate our victories; we commiserate with the victims of our defeats. We bitch and moan a bit, because (believe it or not) we're human, and then we get to planning what we can do to help the victims of the proposed cuts, and to start working our way back. We don't give up on the entire fucking human race.

And "culturally self-identify"? That's a bit PC, isn't it?
By The Red Arrow
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"Nothing to do with me, guv..."

Mohammed Amin: I’m a Conservative, and voted for Zac. But I was disgusted by his repeated, risible attempts to smear Khan
By Mohammed Amin ... -khan.html" onclick=";return false;

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Aisha S Gani ‏@aishagani

Oh now the chairman of the conservative Muslim forum speaks up


Over the coming days, Tories will try to distance themselves from this campaign. They cannot get away with it. Yes, Goldsmith is to be held in contempt: a man of decency would have rejected this gutter strategy. But the Tories as a whole are collectively responsible, and it must never be forgotten. ... are_btn_tw" onclick=";return false;
Spectator, Guido, Conwoman (lol), all in absolute meltdown right now. No wonder the Telegraph had to abandon comments long ago from these people.
They spent a week trying to insinuate the entire Labour party were National Socialists, based on a few off-hand comments regarding Israeli oppression/milking it, and now here we see, virtually all grassroots kippers and golf club tories with their rampant hatred towards Islam (they really despise "Vichy" Cameron as well for being pro EU, and having to climb down in the face of Lord Dubs... a gasp, Labour Jew).

Holding off actually sifting through Mail 'vomments' (good one), until I get something good to drink later. Gonna be a fun night, lol
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