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By The Red Arrow
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Was recently asked by a junior member of the mighty clan Arrow if our surname originated abroad. "Yep, 'tis Dutch." I informed him. "So we're all immigrants?"


"Even Gran'ma's family?"

"Yep. Norman French."

He went off looking pleased with his lineage, while I made a mental note to lend him my copy of 'Tess of the D'urbervilles' before it all gets out of hand.
By Andy McDandy
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Classist? No, it's about being articulate and thoughtful. Those are not traits confined to one social class.
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By The Red Arrow
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Do these people speak for you? Pick a side, groovers.

I've also noticed the Stars & Stripes flown regularly on the same stick as the Union flag.

By The Red Arrow
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Even worse are the pillocks who forget to put them on over their boxer shorts. I s'pose, to be fair, Johnson could have been caught legging it from screwing someone he shouldn't have been...

By mr angry manchester
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I really don't like this stars and stripes stuff at all. To me, the US is a very foreign, alien culture and I feel much more at home with, and much closer to Europe.

I've always thought that America is very much a kind of society where its very easy to go, very quickly, from riding round in a Cadillac to looking on the rubbish tip for something to eat.

If that's what these fuckwits want, they're welcome to it
By spoonman
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Personally, I've came to the conclusion over the last few years that the USA is essentially a country with a first world economy and a third world society. As always there are exceptions, but you really have to look for them. Canada, in comparison, is the country that the USA could be once it actually grows up and matures.

Anyhoo, and if the first 36 hours or so is anything to go by, it seems that most proponents of Brexit still have the two faced personality of combined arrogance and victimhood that refuses to accept the responsibility it actively craved. The excuses have already started to trickle out, it won't be long before the floodgates open.

BTW whatever happened to that report on Russia that was withheld from being published before the GE?
By Tubby Isaacs
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"Society" is too strong- I've spent some time in Texas, which isn't universally loved by other Americans. People are incredibly nice and generous at a personal level. Not just face to face but in things like driving, where they're very forgiving when you get in the wrong lane. But the politics is atrocious and that causes immense, unnecessary social problems- or more specifically, one party's politics. But their days may be numbered because of demographics. They ought to look at Virginia and see what happens when the demographics go against you- the Republicans have doubled down and can't win an egg and spoon race there now. The alternative is to do what they have in some of New England and stick up moderates. They can win governorships like that.
By KevS
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Now this is more like it.
On Friday, a controversial poster labelled 'Happy Brexit Day' was put up in Winchester Tower in Norwich which ordered people to speak English or move out of the council block.

The poster was quickly removed but a photograph of it has been widely shared on social media, prompting furious reactions.

Now though, people living in the block itself have hit back - with several new posters and petitions replacing the controversial one on notice boards and pillars inside the 95-home tower.

One reads: "Everyone is welcome here - except bigots" and has several signatures underneath.

MORE: This is OUR Norwich: Nine things that truly represent our fine city

Another in a similar vein is addressed "To our European friends" and also contains several signatures of support.

It comes after police confirmed the incident is being treated as a racially aggravated public order office.

A spokesman for Norfolk Constabulary said: "Officers attended Winchester Tower last night and all posters had been removed. Those posters kept by residents have since been seized for forensic enquiries and we will be working with the council to examine any available CCTV.

"There is no place in society for hatred and intolerance. Nobody should have to face intimidation because of who they are and it is more important than ever that we stand together in the face of hostility. We remain committed to helping people feel safe and secure as they go about their lives.

"The matter is being dealt with as a racially aggravated public order incident and anyone with information which could help officers with enquiries should contact Norfolk Police on 101 quoting crime reference 36/7964/20."

And after replacement posters were put up, people living in the tower have also spoken of their dismay at the incident.

A 67-year-old resident of the flat who did not wish to be named, said: "When I saw the first poster I was absolutely disgusted. We live in a tower block and for that reason are already looked down upon - this has just made that worse.

"I love living here and I am proud to live here - ordinarily it is a peaceful and lovely place. However, whoever this coward is, they have given everyone else here a bad name."

Harry Lippett, 62, who also lives in the tower, said: "I was actually first alerted to the photo by somebody in New Zealand who had seen it on social media and I think it is a disgrace.

"I love living in Norwich because the city is widely liberally-minded and tolerant and the views of one person does not change that. However, clearly this isn't helping anybody."

A police officer attended the tower this morning, discussing the incident with the caretaker before conducting searches through the property's bins.

However, with the investigations still ongoing, the officer was unable to provide an official comment on the case.

Meanwhile, the Norwich branch of Stand Up To Racism, is due to hold a demonstration at the Vauxhall Centre at 2pm this afternoon in response to the controversial poster.
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