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By cycloon
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Ah that old chestnut.

Yes, liberal-minded people tend to be intolerant of intolerance. This is only shocking or ironic if you choose not to, or cannot, identify the key point: being intolerant of attitudes that limit, proscribe and harm freedoms is not a fundamental contradiction of the idea of tolerance. It is in fact a defense of it in the face of infinitely worse intolerance.

What that poll also suggests is how close so many of the surveyed are. Other than on a couple of issues, the results are really rather similar.
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By youngian
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I wouldn’t have thought Brexit would fall heavily on a niche non mass production vehicle with an iconic brand name. The bloke who runs it still sounds like a prat. Victim of a Brexiter rather than Brexit?

Who’d have guessed he’s a Brexiter?
Even before this week’s collapse, the businessman was being pursued by dozens of “ordinary working people”, some of the 228 savers whose pension pots added up to the £14m that was invested into Norton following a fraud.
Those savers had been persuaded by a conman to transfer their retirement funds out of conventional pension plans during 2012 and 2013. Their money was then locked up for five years into three new pension plans controlled by Garner – where the cash was invested in just one asset: Norton shares.
Garner has said he had no idea the funds had been raised fraudulently when he accepted them. He insists he too is a “victim” and that he thought he had longer than five years to pay the money back. ... nd-scandal
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By Watchman
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Sat Feb 01, 2020 3:25 pm
Just like to say that the chap in the union Jack waistcoat and holding a glass of wine was clearly photographed some time before yesterday.
Similar thought; why has the bloke with the weird clock thing got a poppy tin out in January ?
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youngian wrote:
Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:45 pm
Hannan showing mastery of Irish history again
The Boyne? Really? I always knew Dan was an idiot but now that he's seriously pissed off half of Scotland and God knows what percentage of the island of Ireland I'll have to reclassify him as a dangerous fucking idiot.

What is it with these Brexit pricks and stirring up shit from the past that those of us who have sampled the slightest taste of it are trying desprately to leave behind?

Dan should come to Glasgow during the marching season, or on an Old Firm day, when streets are closed off, the bottles are flying and poor plod is doing his best to maintain a veneer of civilised society. We'll see how "patriotic" he is then.

I'll bet he can run, though.
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