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By youngian
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Brexiter Farmers and fishermen are SME owners with a lot of money invested with a very good trade media to inform them about how the world works for their industries. For that reason I've always held out the possibility there's loads of stuff above my pay grade I'm not getting and they are not as stupid as they sound. I'll carry on giving them the benefit of the doubt as I'm just too tired of this bullshit.
By youngian
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The stupidity pandemic shows no signs of abating
Village signs vandalised to remove French twinning town references on Brexit night

Signs belonging to the village of Harbury in Warwickshire were vandalised on Brexit night to remove references to a French town it twins with. ... z90Q223YLA

By bluebellnutter
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It's the typical right-wing tabloid hack response, isn't it? "Do it like the SAS would do!"

The SAS, for example, were absolutely instrumental in securing the passage of the EU-Japan FTA.
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