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By youngian
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The search continues for Brexiters to give you a tangible benefits. Beverley Turner is a good radio listen she’s doesn’t suffer fools and fuckwits gladly.
A Brexiteer who called into a television chat show programme to claim she has had 'the last laugh' has been unable to explain anything tangible that has changed in her life since Brexit Day on January 31st.

Margaret from Hertfordshire called Jeremy Vine on 5 to tell the panel of guests that as a Brexiteer she had been given the "last laugh" on Brexit.

"I really don't care if they're mocking me or not, because I'm sitting here having voted for Brexit, and I'm having the last laugh," she told Vine.

"I got what I voted for and that's all I care about," continued the caller, as panellist and journalist Beverly Turner started to question what she meant by this.

"Margaret, please, tell me how your life is different today on Monday morning than on Friday morning?" asked Turner.

"It's very different because I voted for what I wanted and I got it," insisted Margaret. "And don't you dare sit there and say to me 'how is my life different?' because I voted what I voted for, and I got what I voted for."

"Which is what?" continued Turner. "My life is no different this morning than it was on Friday, and yours isn't."

"Yeah... but... You're trying to tell me what I voted for was wrong," claimed the caller.

"No I'm just wondering what you voted for?" said Turner again.

"I voted for a lot of things," said the Brexiteer. "Do you want me to spend the next half an hour on the telly telling you?"

"Give me one, urged the journalist. "Help me out, you've come on here to prove people who voted Brexit are not thick, do that."

Margaret went on to explain that she was "fed up" with the justice system because Europe "lets them off". ... -1-6497031
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By The Red Arrow
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That fishing industry (and golden opportunities) bollocks exposed. The tried and tested "La! La! La! I can't hear you." defence employed.

By The Red Arrow
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I'm just waiting for one of them to call for volunteers to clean all that bluebird shit off the white cliffs of Dover.
By The Red Arrow
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Let's hope he serves his full term, eh, Pritti?

'Brexit film' producer jailed for £500k loan application fraud

6 February 2020

A film producer who lied about his income to secure a £519,000 loan has been jailed for more than three years. ... s-51404548
By Kreuzberger
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This daft wee troll with a spanking new account and all those numbers in their username seems to be picking up quite a lot of attention.
By The Red Arrow
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For sure. Possibly in line for a pat on the head next time Uncle Vlad visits the farm.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Cyclist wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:14 pm
You can tell he's a moron. Spelling "sense* with a *c" is a dead giveaway.
A frequent mistake by non-native English speakers.
By The Red Arrow
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'Cpecially when tranclated from Syrillik, grooverc.
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