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By Safe_Timber_Man
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This is not what they wanted and they are very angry.

Migration into Britain from outside EU hits highest level ever ... -ever.html

Upthesock, Manchester, United Kingdom, 57 minutes ago
This is ridiculous in a country with a relatively small population, the welfare state and the NHS are buckling under the strain.
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Gemmstone, London, United Kingdom, 57 minutes ago
Why are we surprised? Brexit was bound to result in more non-European Union migrants, many of whom lack Western values.
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Monty13, Plymouth , United Kingdom, 55 minutes ago
This is disappointing to say the least. Our services are at breaking point, why don't governments understand we need less people not more to alleviate the social stress around the country. What's the point of being an island if we don't use that advantage to be an asset to us.
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Victoria3, Surrey, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Ridiculous situation this is a small island and cannot cope with these levels. The traffic, healthcare system, school and housing is at breaking point.
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This poor git is a bit confused by the whole thing, bless him... :lol:

Duke of wyborne, Golden triangle, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
Good job we are leaving the EU
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:27 pm
This is not what they wanted and they are very angry.

I'll have a whisky and racist tears, please, whenever you have a moment.

All of a sudden those nice, fair skinned European visitors don't seem so bad, eh? And while I'm here, what is it with all this "small island" bollocks? I'm no geography student but I have seen an atlas and, if memory serves, Britain is a relatively large island, as islands go, non? Perhaps the proponents of the "small island" theory simply have limited horizons, small minds or have been kicked in the head by a horse. It's a pity so many of our European visitors have decided to go home, as a large number of them provided vital skills to the NHS and they could almost certainly have helped victims of horse kickings. C'est la vie, Brexit means concussion, onwards and upwards, jildi jildi!
By The Red Arrow
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Wait until they work this one out... :wink:

The government's privatisation agenda means UK will 'never take back control'

PUBLISHED: 09:54 27 February 2020 | UPDATED: 09:58 27 February 2020

The New European ... -1-6534361
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:11 pm
Wait until they work this one out... :wink:
Yes. I wonder if a European company might be interested in taking me over? They might decide to relocate me to somewhere distinctly continental due to tariffs and such. I would, of course, regret leaving the land of my birth. But not for long. About as long as it takes to walk through a fast moving EU passports queue.
By Boiler

Yes, I remember the contrast between the squaddies and G4S well.

Pitched up with my tool kit when the Army were present.

"Are there any offensive weapons in there?"

"Only the huge screwdriver I might stab my boss with"

"Fair enough, mate. On you go."
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