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By Tubby Isaacs
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Got a new favourite Brexiter. Check out the whole thread for his full range.

It's all there. "EU running down the clock", "why can't they accept democracy?" "we voted for a Canada Deal" and, er, "drunken Polosi" and "the left attracts kiddy fiddlers because they're more likely to lower the age of consent".

Actually the best bit might be something about the EU pulling a stroke by using complicated legal words.
By Andy McDandy
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Back in 1991, as the Gulf War was kicking off, a classmate dashed home at lunchtime to catch up on what was unfolding. Breathless, they arrived back at school, saying "The bastards! They're fighting back!".

I remember our teacher fixing him with a look, and saying "They are allowed to".
By The Red Arrow
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Party hats, parrots and faerie folk are continuing motifs in my pieces - it all works on primeval subliminal levels the casual observer wouldn't understand, yet still enables them to come away with the impression that the bloke in the picture's more than a bit of a tit.

By KevS
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"Well, I won't go anywhere that needs me to wear a mask! I'll just stay at home. Ha! What do you say to that!"

"Erm... Thank you?"
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