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By davidjay
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Boiler wrote:
Fri Jan 01, 2021 11:46 am
For some crops the machinery is unlikely to ever exist. Countryfile and Farming Today taught me that; and people won't want to pay Wimbledon prices in a supermarket for their strawberries.
Although they will have 48 weeks of the year to save up for the month when they're in season
By Boiler
#634286 ... eal/31/12/
The Poke Tweeted: “The Brexit transfer window closes at 11pm. Cross your fingers for Nigel Farage to the US on a free transfer.”
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By Cyclist
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He's absolutely correct. There is no Irish Sea border. The artical states quite clearly that some of the lorries were directed to border control posts in Belfast, which is on dry land.

What he failed to mention is that these border control posts in Belfast weren't there yesterday.
By Tubby Isaacs
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youngian wrote:
Fri Jan 01, 2021 8:13 pm
Ridley you may recall was the chairman of Northern Rock who steered it to oblivion. He wants fewer rules and regulations for people like him
I see he lives in a Grade 1 listed house in Northumberland. Pretty rural, but not far from Newcastle and Blyth. Everyone agrees we need to level that area up. Brexit voters were saying very clearly "We need traditional skilled jobs, not just call centres".

As an entrepreneur, I hear that very clearly.

I've got a plan. I worry that the squares in the council might not go for it. So we need to pay council officers more if they approve my plan, and quickly.

I'm going to build a big housing estate, right by Chateau Ridley.

What's that, Matt? Oh, we shouldn't get rid of those rules.
By youngian
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Doesn’t live far from Dominic’s country residence. The man’s got some front to be pontificating about deregulation in public. Would he be a relative of Nicholas Ridley by any chance? Nick Leeson does a bit of after dinner speaking but he did his bird and showed contrition for his clusterfuck. I think Leeson’s now a finance officer for some council in west Ireland. But they don’t shout about it.
By satnav
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The Daily Express ran with a story yesterday claiming that Boris Johnson had banned pulse fishing in British waters they suggested that this was evidence of Brexit in action. Sadly they were not telling the full story. The EU parliament actually voted to ban pulse fishing in February 2019 with the ban set to be implemented in early 2021. But why let simple thing like facts get in the way of a bit of pro-Brexit propaganda.
By satnav
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Andrew Pierce was gloating on Twitter this morning because he reckoned that because there were no delays at Dover yesterday this was proof that remainers were wrong when they said there would be chaos at the ports after Brexit. Now I'm not expert but I would have thought all ports would be quiet at the moment given that most manufacturing companies will have shutdown for at least a week over Christmas.
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