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By youngian
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Did those he shared the champagne with have full confidence in Andrew knowing what he was talking about? They should as he runs a multi million turnover company that exports to the EU. Sadly he didn’t and the local Tories he probably votes for know even less than him.
'A Brexit nightmare': the British businesses being pushed to breaking point

Take Andrew Moss, who is managing director of a small company called Horizon, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. He employs 37 people and sells packaging and point-of-sale marketing displays in this country, and also exports to the EU.

The last three weeks, he says, have been a living nightmare. “Soft Brexit – there is no such thing. This is horrific,” he says. “We celebrated the Brexit deal with champagne over Christmas but when we woke up and realised that this car crash was happening, we thought, oh my God!” ... SApp_Other
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