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By Tubby Isaacs
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Not Peter Foster, obviously, who as ever sets out details extremely well, but tons of Kippers BTL.

This actully isn't a direct result of Brexit, so much as a silly home office rule. A Brexiter could look at that and say "I wasn't voting to cut ourselves off from the EU, I was voting so we decided more things ourselves. This sounds like a good scheme, Let's decide on a better rule for ourselves". But that's not the way the ones who show up speak. You can probably guess.

I know times have been tough for a while, but all you need to host an au pair is £100 a week and spare room for them to sleep in. I didn't realise being able to do this made you the elite- lots of people in poorer parts of the UK have spare rooms. Couple who work in the NHS in eg South Wales, who likely turn down shifts for childcare reasons, could make excellent use of the scheme. Elite.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Look who shows up with straight-talking common sense.

Assuming nobody in Dudley has an au pair, what about working as one? Work experience in a growing industry (childcare), learn languages, no cost to the tax payer? I thought we wanted to encourage more of this practical stuff in young people.

Interrailing has become elite too, by the look of it. And wasn't it his job to promote Erasmus in Dudley? Not that I expect he spends any time in Dudley now.

By Bones McCoy
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:07 pm
Yeah, he keeps saying "these aren't the biggest impact of Brexit for people in Dudley". Not that anybody has ever said they were the biggest impact on anywhere.
Probably not the biggest anywhere, but the overall malaise builds up.
The takeaway message ought to be "Brexit has fucked up almost everything it touched".
By Andy McDandy
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So, Ian, what is the biggest impact on Dudley?

Dudley has spent the last 40 years blaming everything on something else. It used to be the collapse of the local mining industry (along with a few streets). The it was Merry Hill, until folks pointed out that Dudley town centre was dying long before that.

It's a dump. No reason why it should be, save for the pigshit ignorance of everyone who lives there.
By satnav
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The good news just keeps rolling in.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak hopes to unveil a new £100 contactless credit card limit in a fresh Brexit dividend
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I think the key line in this story is 'Rishi Sunak can make the change as the UK is no longer bound by EU fraud rules'

so basically he is planning to make fraud easier. Is this a Brexit dividend for everybody or just pickpockets and fraudsters?
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