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So, the roll call: Botham, Posh Spice, someone famous for getting her tits out on ITV2, Parsehole, and Matthew Elliott, a guy who'll back any political cause as long as it keeps him in the game. It's like the shit version of the Avengers. Was Kenzie from Blazin' Squad not available?
By mikey mikey
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Prosecuted for telling a joke? Don't worry Mr. Lawrence. There isn't much chance of you telling a joke. You're safe whatever happens this June.
By youngian
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Botham Brexit wisdom of the day
Personally, I think that England is an island
Steven Woolfe MEP Verified account ‏@Steven_Woolfe Apr 17
Well done Beefy" a man who epitomised the pride of representing your country and not giving in. Self made not...
By Abernathy
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Michael Caine.
Pro-EU campaigners might be right that Britain could 'fail' outside the EU, he suggested, but insisted the country would recover.
'Well, OK, so you fail. Get better, work harder, try harder and you'll be a success. But you cannot be dictated to by thousands of faceless civil servants who make these rules. ... z46BDZ9lvV

By Andy McDandy
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He's not a luvvie, he's a respected veteran of stage and screen*.

*OK, not the stage bit, in which he's a bit of an oddity. He's one of the few of his generation who made it entirely through film.

Meanwhile any word from Dappy from N-Dubz?
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