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By youngian
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mr angry manchester wrote: Would there be space on it add "plus a lot of help from the Russians and Americans" alongside where it says "you needed us in 1945"?

Like Obama's back of the queue speech, WWII realities might be common sense maths to you and I but Brexiters' truth is from the gut and Ingerlund is brilliant.
By Bones McCoy
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The Red Arrow wrote:Spot on...

Notice I'm not flying to you, says Juncker
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Yebbut they need us (or something).
By mr angry manchester
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It will be interesting to see what happens with public opinion as and when serious economic consequences start to kick in. It seems that there is a slow move against Brexit already starting with the more marginal Leave vote, when it properly starts to hit, this should start to gain traction. Apart from with Mail/Express morons, obviously.
By mr angry manchester
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On another forum I sometimes look at, someone had quoted a comment by a Brexit idiot along the lines of "There will be hard times ahead, many people will suffer, but by about 2050 we will be doing fine again"

I'm really relieved that, by the time I am 90 (or more than likely dead) everything will be fine. This is the staggering level of stupidity of the average Brexit fuckwit.
By youngian
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The Sun is getting desperate having to turn to Redwood. Althoug it is reader Graham who gets Brexit fuckwit nomination

JOHN REDWOOD Let’s get real on no deal because the UK will still have bags of trade options after Brexit

Next week there is a big European Council meeting which is likely to tell the UK they are not willing to talk about trade without us paying a shedload of money that we don’t owe.

Theresa May can and should turn the tables on the unhelpful EU at next week’s meeting. She can tell them the UK is preparing to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, with no deal.

She can say this will mean we will trade with them all on World Trade Organisation terms. That will be just fine for the UK. It’s how we do our trade with the rest of the world today.

Just leaving brings us lots of advantages. It means we don’t have to pay them another penny once we are out. ... ns-brexit/" onclick=";return false;

Fellow Sun readers have been very impressed with Graham in the comments a learned chap who clearly knows what he's talking about and has the research to show it
Graham Dickin
It's cheaper no ECJ our borders this is a no brainer The problem is timing but once we decide no deal
Then we start negotiations with the world and ready for brexit.

I have spent this morning refreshing my knowledge on EU payments and imports and exports Depending on how you calculate it at first the figures look frightening .But then look at the additional cost of imports on WTO it's only 4 .5 billion that's nothing if it allows us to trade with the rest of the world So a deal with the EU would be nice but not at any price Who deal Isn't bad when you look at what we pay into EU now .The 10 billion or so is like a tariff to trade just pay the WTO tariffs and walk.

The department of trade and industry would set up an export arm and smaller companies will supply through this network There products will be showcased world wide through the international trade team.Its what used to happen before we joined it worked well very well As regards international companies they are that international the size of there presence in a country varies but it's trading can be done anywhere That's the wonder of the WWW Profits can be moved they can do business in a country and make it take a loss through internal means are make the profits appear where the suit.Multi nationals buy and sell countries they play the politics of the world like we would play monopoly

Also just watch Redwood our next chancellor deal in the world's markets he'll be great

Take America the world's no 1 player in the WTO do they abide by its rules and tariff's When it suits yes if the tariff's are harmful no chance they protect their interests

China yes but the would copy and sell the Queen if they could They give lip service and trade has they wish to on line import what you want! Japan flaunted their skill of altering emmissions millions of people finished up with a car where the mpg is nothing like stated this broke WTO in so many ways

What happened nothing a slap Get real we are a world player the 5th in the world we will thrive and the EU will give us a deal and we will trade in the WTOSo the EU s deal will not be what we have now of course not We're leaving
By Arnold
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She can say this will mean we will trade with them all on World Trade Organisation terms. That will be just fine for the UK. It’s how we do our trade with the rest of the world today.
Didn't I recently read of a car part that crossed the Channel three times before being fitted to the car? And what about just in time supply if goods are sitting in a lorry park awaiting clearance?
By Tubby Isaacs
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5th in the world sounds great. Unfortunately, if you count the EU Superstate as one entity, us and 4th placed Japan are a long, long way back.

Shouldn't a few more of the loquacious new Tory Brexiters like Kwasi Karteng be a bit more prominent? I was wondering where the rest of Britannia Unchained were. I think they're all in the Government.
By youngian
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George smells a rat among the global corporatist lizards
George Galloway‏ @georgegalloway
What does the EU have to say about the car-bomb murder of truth-seeker Daphne Galizia in Malta? Murdered for exposing Panama Papers perfidy.
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European Commission‏ @EU_Commission
We are horrified and we condemn the attack on Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in the strongest possible way.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Redwood's been called out for lying about the WTO lots of times. He has shown zero interest in amending his argument.

Saw some killer numbers (though I haven't verified- can anybody help?)

Something about how much of a UK car is imported before being assembled and exported. Frighteningly high. Maybe David Drew is going to set a target for producing whole cars or something.
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