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By Andy McDandy
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During one bout of unemployment I was asked by the owner of a local discount hardware store if I fancied a job. "Forty a day, cash in hand!" he offered. Nine or ten hour days, nothing like minimum wage, but no tax and you get 15 minutes time off a fortnight to sign on*.

Some people would be tempted.

*Which is one of the reasons why jobcentre staff every now and again shake up signing days, or ask you in for seemingly pointless meetings - it's to prove you're as available for work as you say you are.
By Daley Mayle
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Ah, the signing-on days at the Employment Exchange where it would be filled with out of work painters with fresh paint on the overalls, out of work plasters with hair sticking up with plaster like Something About Mary, out of work mechanics with oil under the fingernails...
By Snowflake
On a more serious note.
EU nurses give up on Brexit Britain as their prospects dim
Justyna has been told to “go home” at least twice by her patients at a hospital in south-west England. The Polish nurse said even her colleagues treat her “like an intruder” and tell her she can always “go back to Poland” if she complains about the work rota. ... nts-anchor

The second part, if true, is truly shocking.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Catkins wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:22 pm
Also, see Owen Jones, and Femi Oluwole being threatened by the same mob today. The latter being mistaken for David Lammy. :roll:

Someone is going to get hurt soon.
Kay Burley mistook Trevor Phillips for David Lammy on the night of the referendum.
By KevS
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There is also footage of that spunktrumpet who's organising the yellow vest thing here absolutely screaming at a police officer, telling him the police are fair game, and that it will be war every Saturday(?).

Now, obviously that seems to me to be an arrestable offence in itself, but the problem there is, is that you'll only create martyrs (qv S Yaxley-Lennon). But I fear something horrible is going to happen if we're not careful.

May herself will be a target if she pulled the plug on a no deal, but she has lots of heavily armed people with her. It's the likes of Soubry, Starmer and Grieve I worry for, as well as people who spoken out loudly against leaving, from Gina Miller to Gary Lineker.
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By Catkins
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Yeah, there's footage of the same guy (James Goddard) telling a BME policeman that he's not British.

Dawn French of the Guardian is reporting that they threatened to rape her.

I hope that the reason he wasn't immediately arrested is that the police wanted to avoid a mini-riot and will pick him up later after several offences were committed on camera.

Or it could just be white privilege in action.
By bluebellnutter
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Nice little dawn raid should sort the fucker out. Get him in a cell before he has the chance to even think about it.
By SoulBoy
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MisterMuncher wrote:
Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:14 pm
I don't doubt for a second he'd do it for free.
OFCOM Bulletin 365 suggests otherwise. Lilley complained about a Channel 4 documentary and the complaint was not upheld.
Mr Lilley was apparently willing to take
time to meet Tianfen Consulting, which had made it clear in its email of 25 October 2017
that it was looking for someone to join its advisory board, in return for a “highly
attractive remuneration package including expenses”, who could provide “expert
insight…to help them navigate the shifting political, regulatory and legislative
frameworks in the UK and across Europe after Brexit”.
By Dan
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I'm no great fan of the modern politician but I admire how calm they have been - I'd probably tell these "people" to go fuck themselves and enjoy their incoming poverty rather than trying to save these stupid fucks from their own idiocy and getting nothing but abuse and threats.

Goddard is a criminal, a thug, an idiot and a bargain basement Stephen Lennon who needs to be detained before he ends up inciting a serious criminal offence.
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