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By Safe_Timber_Man
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As some random person on Twitter said; "What we're seeing here is Right wing tabloids on the streets rather than on paper"

'Women are targeted': Tory MP Anna Soubry slams abuse aimed at women in politics after 'Nazi' insult against her and attack on BBC's Laura Kuenssberg as Kay Burley reveals she was branded a 'sl*g' and 'f***ing facist' ... -Nazi.html

pepperbox, Chelmsford, United Kingdom, 54 minutes ago
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me unless you are a remainer.
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Nick Woodall, manchester, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Stop being a snowflake and let the under resourced police slashed by our MP's investigate real crimes.Right from the outset Soubry has ignored the democratic will of the electorate so shouldn't be surprised she generates anger.She is there to represent the democratic will of the people not the other way around
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sal, leeds, United Kingdom, 31 minutes ago
What do you expect? People are going to eventually come on the streets when you tell them you want a second vote!!!! It means your vote did not matter!!!!! It means democracy does not exist!!!! You think people are going to just roll over ????? You are ASKING for trouble !
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Fannie Rasche, Benidorm, Spain, 22 minutes ago
You reap what you sow!
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Final Countdown, Mar Menor, Spain, 22 minutes ago
If these were "far right" activists, then wait until the whole Country becomes "far right" when Brexit is not delivered as the majority want it !
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By Snowflake
At the risk of sounding like someone who wishes to turn the clock back, I recall a pertinent comment I saw recently, that 20 years ago these people had to write a letter, buy a stamp, post it and hope the paper of their choice saw fit to publish it several days later.

Now in the interent age, moderation aside, (and we have all witnessed how adept they can be at getting round that) it's boom, instant gratification.

What is occuring now seems to be more or less a logical extension of this.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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As documented in The Sun thread they've gleefully threatened civil unrest numerous times over the past few months. Yet here they are today:

Halt the thugs

THE intimidation of Anna Soubry MP outside Parliament yesterday was an outrage.

We profoundly disagree with her on Brexit. But thugs should not be able to scream abuse in her face. Nor do they remotely represent 17.4million Leavers.

Why did police let them get away with it?
By spoonman
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Not that I expect Soubry to get involved as such*, but it's making me reminisce of the days when John Prescott knew how to handle twats...


*And it's safe to say the arseholes in question wouldn't go at anyone who could take care of themselves in a pub fight.
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By Abernathy
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I fucking loved Prescott for that. Eventually. I first became aware of the kerfuffle after a long day on the campaign trail, when I came home, switched on the news, and saw Prezza planting a straight left squarely on the jaw of a mulleted fuckwit that had assaulted him at close quarters with a chookie egg.

My immediate reaction was "Oh fuck, there goes the election", but in fact, unlike Gordon Brown's unfortunate interaction with Gillian Duffy, it did us nothing but good.

Happy days.
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By MisterMuncher
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Why indeed did the Police let them away with it?

Possibly do they didn't have to read how they were oppressing free speech in the fucking Sun, possibly when they should have been arresting real (that is to say, brown) criminals?

The Sun have been singing Fuck Tha Police more than Dr Dre.

(I also applauded Prescott.)
By Big Arnold
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Yes MPs deserve protection, but treat voters with contempt and you'll get contempt in return

“This is what has happened to our country,” said Anna Soubry, gesturing loftily during a BBC interview towards protesters who were chanting, “Anna is a Nazi.” Their behaviour was thuggish, no question. And yet, walled up in the palace of her own self-regard, it didn’t seem to occur to Soubry that the “this” which has happened to our country could partly be her fault. ... -contempt/
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