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By KevS
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Bear in mind, her mother made it to 101, so she may still have a decade or so left. I suspect when Phil goes she'll chuck it in, or failing that, in 2022 once she hits the Platinum(!) Jubilee.

And I still say that within five years of her departure, the Mail will be shrieking louder for a Republic more than the Guardian ever has.
By Bones McCoy
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Catkins wrote:
Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:38 am
I can't see the Royal Family being targeted either.

However, I'd advise Gove, Boris, Rees Mogg, Farage et al to invest in better home security for April.
They won't be anywhere near a major city.
By Bones McCoy
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Daley Mayle wrote:
Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:25 pm
I demand

1. All the cranes in Dockland currently helping build multi-million pounds apartments for foreign despots and billionaires lower their jibs as Her Majesty's Barge carrying Her Gracious Majesty's Royal Corpse up the Thames a la Churchill.

2. Unless Jon Snow wears a black tie Channel 4 should be shut down forthwith, if not sooner.

3. All front pages of newspapers to be black bordered for one year and a day.

4. Radio 1 and 2 only allowed to play solemn, martial music.

5. No TV comedy programmes to be broadcast until 28 days after Ma'am is laid to rest.

6. 'Ma'am' to be used in all newspaper headlines ie 'Fairwell Ma'am'

7. The day of her death to be renamed. For instance, if it was on a Monday it would be renamed Ma'amsday.

8. All flags to be flown at half-mast. Any EU flags to be removed.

9. Claire Balding banned from narrating funeral procession, any voice over will be male and use cod-Medieval syntax and terminology.

10. Overt grief banned among the crowds lining the procession. Wailing or clapping will not be tolerated.Black handkerchiefs can be waved.
Harsh but fair - and nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit.
By Kreuzberger
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There are stories emerging of aged Europeans needing to turn up for registration and, presumably, branding. No exception for Germans either.
By spoonman
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Meanwhile in, well who knows...
Offer the Republic of Ireland full UK membership so they can rejoin the Union.

The RoI left our Union in 1922 after 121 years of being part of the family. We should now ask them to reconsider their position within both the UK & EU as a way of solving the current impasse over the Irish border issue that is holding up the Withdrawal Agreement. Britain & Ireland stronger together
I can tell you now that Leo Varadkar and Michael Higgins would issue a joint statement in response to such an offer that would contain just two words. The second word being "off".
By Boiler
Not me... a country that was sold as a gateway to Europe is now withdrawing from Europe. And those Japanese companies in particular now have a trade deal with the EU, in a country that's walking away from the EU.

It's really not difficult to understand... and yet I still see people thinking the UK will re-industrialise.
By mattomac
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Gabby Logan wouldn't be a bad shout for being quiet while commenting on the mourners. For some reason when she reports from the England camp during the major tournament she whispers.

Claire Balding does a decent "I actually give a fuck" face when presenting those who have died in the past year at BBC Sports Personality.

As for those who need protecting if Brexit goes shits up, don't look at the politicians, look at those who are not white straight and male.
By mattomac
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Speaking to the BBC on Monday, Mr Kawczynski defended the post, saying: "The tweet was actually talking about all the things that Britain has done for Europe. Let's not forget we liberated part of Europe in the Second World War.

"Unfortunately, many European countries are not treating us as fairly as Britain has treated Europe over centuries.

"I was trying to get across that Britain has been very fair and very generous."
Mr Kawczynski MP also made up some more bullshit....

"Yeah we built India for them... And the Slave trade well it helped some of the black people escape the poverty of Africa. What do these experts know eh"
By The Red Arrow
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Insult to the sadly too often ultimate sacrifices by men and women from every country in Western Europe (including Germany) that assisted 'us' in WWII notwithstanding, yes, let's not forget 'we' expelled Jews long before it was fashionable elsewhere, burned Joan of Arc to death, banned Poles from 'our' victory parade and have done sod all for Poland since, carved up the Ottoman empire (albeit with French assistance) in such a manner as to visit many of today's geopolitical problems upon us, carried out one of the few 100% successful genocides in history in Tasmania and literally begged to become part of common market. Still, details, eh?
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