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By KevS
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The Mail's gone mad and not moderating the comments on the report on the vote. Comments mostly fall into the theme of

"Brilliant! No deal it is then!", or;
"Traitors! We'll have a war!", or inevitably
"Tommy for PM!"
By Big Arnold
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Now even the ERG wants to DELAY Brexit: Hardcore Leavers reveal their plan for Britain to leave the EU without a deal… but admit the UK 'won't be ready' to crash out until MAY
Hardcore Brexiteers have thrown their weight behind a plan for a no-deal Brexit - but want it delayed until May
EU27 FRO! ... t-May.html
By spoonman
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The government's proposals for a No Deal, "WTO Rules" Brexit - break the WTO rules from day one.
Irish goods entering the Northern Ireland market will not face tariffs in a no deal Brexit.

However, Irish products entering the rest of the UK would face high tariffs on a range of food products.

The details are contained in a new no deal Brexit plan published by the government.

There will also be no checks or controls on the Irish border, according to the plan.
By bluebellnutter
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Big Arnold wrote:
Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:18 am
Breakfast Rabbit and potato.
Lunch Rabbit and potato.
Supper Rabbit and potato.
As if there'l be three meals per day...
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