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By The Red Arrow
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Yes, Roger, why could that be? I see someone beat me to 'the only thing Roger's an expert on is massage parlours'. :roll:
Doesn't it worry you that the people who have given their lives to analysing evidence and drawing logical conclusions think Brexit is a terrible mistake?
By Big Arnold
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As the government is supposedly tightening the law after the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, does he really think that things will change after Brexit?
Morrisons were exploiting this loophole a few years ago. A fish pie made on site had no list of ingredients. I asked an assistant if it contained wheat flour. She didn't know. Neither did a manager who had to ask someone in the kitchen. It did of course. Manufacturers like adding wheat flour to food that doesn't really need it. Pâté, sausages etc.
By Oblomov
Some absolute loons calling into LBC tonight. But I'm also surprised at the number of callers from Labour heartlands willing to accept the biggest right-wing project in recent memory because of "democracy" :roll:
By youngian
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LBC Brexit fuckwit of the week must be 78 year old Peter who told us he lives five miles from the coast so knows all about fishing. He demanded we leave the EU immediately as they are now imposing tariffs on UK caught fish. Peter was unconcerned about removing his grandchildren’s free movement rights; You’ll still be able to move around as a lot of our vegetables come from Europe. “A lot of people might think I’m stupid,” Peter ended reflectivity. He got that one right.
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