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By Boiler
There was a comment on one of Fenton's posts about chlorine: it's about 1ppm in tap water, may rise to 3ppm during hot weather. The chlorine wash is 50ppm and can use sodium hypochlorite - that's toilet bleach to thee an' me.

It is however missing the point spectacularly - the Septics do this for cheapness and to disguise their piss-poor welfare standards.
By Daley Mayle
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Chlorinated chicken is the proverbial dead cat.

Brexiteers are happy for those against trade deals with the USA to use chlorinated chicken as a short-hand because it's so easily dismissed. Food poisoning deaths and hospitalisations are much more common in the USA and some of it is attributed to the lower food standards and poor standards of animal husbandry. This is where the argument should be made.
By satnav
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I think I've mentioned before on this thread my wife works as an auditor in the food industry so has a great deal of experience of food standards in this country and overseas. Because British supermarkets have zero confidence in the quality of food auditors in America my wife often gets sent on audits to the US. Last month she had to return to a factory that she inspected 12 months ago, at the end of the first inspection she left behind a clear list of modifications and improvements that the company would need to meet the standards expected by British supermarkets. On her return to the factory she soon discovered that most of the corrective actions had not been undertaken.

When she raised the issues with the company their first reaction was to try and bully her into changing her findings which didn't go well because she had all the paperwork and photographs from the previous visit including written undertakings they had made to comply with her original report. When the bullying failed the president of the company offered to get his attorney to draw up a document promising to carry out the improvements as soon as possible. Such a document would not have cut the mustard with British supermarkets especially given that the company had already given similar written undertakings 12 months ago. Having tried every trick in the book to get my wife to change her report their final throw of the dice was to make a formal appeal against the decision. Needless to say given that my wife had carefully documented and provided all the necessary evidence the appeal was immediately dismissed.

When my wife discussed the events with her boss she was told that this is now pretty standard practise when auditors carry out inspections. They would clearly waste time and money arguing the toss with auditors rather than actually carry out improvements that most British companies would carry out as soon as possible in order to get a clean bill of health from the auditors.

As soon as we allow any substandard food products from the US or any other country all of our food industry will be regarded as unsafe when we start trying to export our produce overseas.
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By Boiler
Wouldn't it be lovely if an interviewer just got up, slapped him and said "hopefully that will have knocked some sense into you."

I'm absolutely speechless - these people just spout utter crap now, knowing they won't be challenged. And worse still - people believe them.
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