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By KevS
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Abernathy wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:39 am
Doctor Who is mostly a right load of old pish, though, isn't it?

But that one with Peter Kay in was fucking abysmal.
By Boiler
I've often wondered what would happen if a citizen group turned up outside Northcliffe House, or the assorted 'News' buildings across the country, and silently recorded and photographed everybody entering and leaving their buildings, then posted their faces on social media.
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By spoonman
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Boiler wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:16 pm
Well, I suggested taking the batteries out and leaving them out overnight before reinserting them.... Or maybe we need to find the hidden menu option for resetting to factory defaults.
Don't forget to bang its head on the coffee table several times before putting the batteries back in.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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It seems possible that the Fuckwits who voted to leave in Wales were - English... ... t-research

TL:DR - it was areas with large, retired English populations that voted Leave. 'Welsh' areas didn't.
The question of why Wales voted to leave the EU can in large part be answered by the number of English retired people who have moved across the border, research has found.

Despite being one of the biggest beneficiaries of EU funding, Wales voted leave by a majority of 52% to 48% in the 2016 referendum – a result that took some analysts by surprise. However, work by Danny Dorling, a professor of geography at Oxford, found that the result could in part be attributed to the influence of English voters.

“If you look at the more genuinely Welsh areas, especially the Welsh-speaking ones, they did not want to leave the EU,” Dorling told the Sunday Times. “Wales was made to look like a Brexit-supporting nation by its English settlers.”

Dorling’s research, which was presented at the British Science Association’s annual meeting at Warwick University, also suggested that most of the UK’s leave votes did come not from the north of England but the south, with the highest numbers in areas populated with affluent older people, such as Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon.

“The Welsh did not want to quit the EU, but that is one of many false beliefs about Brexit. The biggest is that the pro-leave vote was due to northerners,” he said. “It’s true some northern areas were strongly pro-Brexit, but the population there is too small to swing the vote.

“The real support for Brexit, in terms of numbers of votes, was in places like Cornwall, which was 57% for leave, Hampshire with 54%, Essex with 62% and Norfolk with 57%. It is those southern English voters that are dragging Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unwillingly out of Europe.

“Everyone blames Wigan and Stoke for Brexit but we should really be blaming Cornwall and Devon.”
I wonder if Ian Lavery has read this?
By Timbo
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As a resident of the North Wales coast, this doesn't particularly surprise me. Young people here move out, and are steadily replaced by retirees from the Wirral and beyond. My constituency in particular is chock-full of large blocks of retirement flats, meaning our vile MP David Jones has had a pretty safe run (although the constituency was red for a time under Blair).
Insofar as blaming them for Wales voting Leave, let's bear in mind that it doesn't actually make any difference whatsoever to the outcome where in the UK they lived. I'm not sure there is anything to be gained from singling out regions of the country on which to focus our ire. All it does is divide us further. We are at a point now where it doesn't matter who started it. History won't care.
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By MisterMuncher
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The singling out of regions isn't hugely helpful, I'd agree, with a certain caveat towards Scotland and NI given the background level of constitutional unrest.

What is clear, however, is the narrative that it was Labour voting Northerners driving the vote was merely useful bollocks. The Tories could use them as a shield to claim they weren't just doing it for "their own", and Lexit-y types could claim it as a sea-change, despite the wafer-thin margins on the ground.

I think to some extent it's very difficult to nail down what level of Northern Labour supporters actually went leave. There's certainly a mathematical case that it wasn't any substantial number at all, given the amount of "dead" votes that turned out for the referendum Vs. levels of remain complacency, all placed against the smaller turnout and smaller win percentage for a GE.
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By KevS
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That stat about Norfolk would have been a damned sight higher if us here in Norwich hadn't voted to remain.

I've always thought Norwich has a lot in common with Brighton. An oasis of common sense in a county of blinkered stupidity.
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