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By The Rationalist
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On a train pulling into Doncaster. A man with the brain of a 4-yr-old just got up and said: "This is Yorkshire and if any of you are southern snobs who believe in cancelling our Brexit votes then don't bother getting off here."
The whole carriage stood up and applauded!
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By Timbo
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That's even worse than Farage's letter. "Me and my mate Tom always hear around the playground that the EU's refusal to push integration in services has left us locked into a goods-for-export focussed trade policy, when we could be leveraging our strength in services and sizeable, wealthy import market for greater leverage independently. Also bring back hanging and the birch. Also Matron, who never went away in the first place but if she had we would be too young to remember anyway. Love, Bertrand, age 6.5yrs".
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Not Michael Dougan, the Guardian's retirement-due Larry Elliott, who wrote some nonsense yesterday. Elliott's extensive research was watching Made in Dagenham and remembering the name of some legislation from the seventies. Dougan really doesn't fuck about on that thread.

By Snowflake
Thurrock was being mentioned a couple of weeks ago as the seat Farage apparently had his eye on. Now vigorously claiming he's undecided. Would doubtless make her change her mind.
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