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By MisterMuncher
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Watchman wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:51 pm
That's good ta. Yes I was looking for a debate beyond "hang all Paki's", because as usual the MSM has framed it in those terms, and I just need sanity to cleanse what I have read

It's absolutely that reductionist tendency to get a handy label of mad, bad or rad(icalised) onto each offender by the media that's killing any kind of nuanced discussion of the issue. The mentally ill are sought out for radicalisation much the same as any vulnerable outsider grouping simply because they're easier to push*. Take, say, Michael Stone. Definitely indoctrinated and radicalised, but equally definitely, the fella is out where the buses don't run. Which is chicken, which is egg?

*Obviously, that's a very sweeping statement, and includes all the usual sensible caveats it should in a sensible conversation between intelligent people. I'm fully aware mental illness carries much more chance of being a victim than a perpetrator, mentally ill people aren't inherently dangerous in any way.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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The media don't simply assign simplistic and inaccurate labels and propose ridiculous populist answers - they hysterically attack anyone who doesn't, anyone who attempts to question why these things happen.

Because to understand why would un-demonise and undermine the above simplistic descriptions and solutions.

And experts, pah.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Daily Mail readers are a bit miffed that a Neo-Nazi terrorist has been jailed.

One of them even calls his plans a " teenage daydream diary".

I suspect the capitalisation of "SIX YEARS" was to help prompt them.

Schoolboy neo-Nazi, 17, who listed 'areas to attack' in his home city and wrote in his diary about an 'inevitable race war' is jailed for SIX YEARS and eight months

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By oboogie
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"A man has been shot dead by police in south London after he attacked people on a busy high street.

It is believed two people were injured in what police described as a "terrorist-related" incident.

Gun shots were heard on Streatham High Street just after 14:00 GMT on Sunday.

Some reports suggest a man entered a shop and started stabbing people. It appears he then left the shop and stabbed a woman, possibly a cyclist.

Witnesses reported hearing three gun shots and a man was seen lying on the floor, as armed police approached."
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Police say the attacker was 'under surveillance'.

Reports that police had 'hard-stopped' a car at Clapham Common some minutes before. A24/A3 leads to Tower, Borough Market and other possible targets.

Plain clothes police were close to the man in Streatham, possibly following him. The two locations are 2 ½ to 3 miles apart and on a pretty direct route.

He seems either to have been unprepared for an attack or had lost his weapon, as he entered a shop and stole a knife.

Plain clothes were armed, and on him almost immediately. Shot him as he started lashing out, then withdrew due to the possibility of an explosive vest.

Armed response units arrived some minutes later.

Police not extending the search area. Maybe others are already in custody, or it was known to be a lone agent.

May be wrong, but looks like a larger operation.
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By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 7:17 pm
Sky had an opinion interview with a 'security expert' and they listened in horror as he advocated pre-emptive internment.

Brexit Britain: suspension of the rule of law and habeus corpus...
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