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A sorry tale from broken Britain
Staffie ate CRACK COCAINE and was eight times the human drug-drive limit when it mauled its owner to death in front of BBC crews filming an ASBO documentary, inquest hears

Mario Perivoitos, 41, was killed by his Staffie, Major, in Wood Green flat, London
An inquest heard today that the animal had ingested crack cocain and morphine
Trapped in flat for 30 minutes with crew making documentary on drug addiction
Neighbour said the dog nibbled him until he came round after a seizure last year
Friend claimed he was recently stabbed in neck and bite may have aggravated it

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier mauled its owner to death after eating crack cocaine, an inquest heard.
Major was the equivalent of eight times the human drug drive limit when he latched onto Mario Perivoitos's face and neck moments after his owner took part in a BBC documentary.
Mario, 41, had been filming with a camera crew for the BBC programme Drugs Map Britain when he fell into an epileptic fit and attacked on his bed.
Nicholas Carmichael, an expert in veterinary toxicology, revealed that samples of cocaine and morphine had been discovered in Major's urine. ... z4sTq5zU5g" onclick=";return false;
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