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Abolishing tuition fees is double bubble as it appeals to parents of future students. Labour needs to put some flesh on its national education service and the guarantee of an apprenticeship. That's easier said than done but its a bold policy and that will strike a chord.
Yeah it is the point in which the polls seemed to drop.

Gave Labour a week of coverage unchallenged, it probably led to the shit hawk of a document that the Tory manifesto was. Labour's response to May's speech the day after the terrorist attack in London was brave and bold and probably something Labour would have refrained from under Miliband. But by golly it worked.
The leaked manifesto, and the Tories' reaction to it was so standard, so facile - "Ha ha h...oh, um". They'd been set on autopilot sneer mode that they took it for granted, so when it started to register well with voters, they didn't know how to respond.
The Tories thought that could keep quiet and wait for Labour to implode. When we didn't they had no Plan B apart from fighting thirty year-old battles.
Daley Mayle wrote:Re the thread title... are we witnessing the death of the party or is it just evolving?
Careful now, you'll alienate the DUP - and you would't like them when they're angry.
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