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By The Weeping Angel
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Is a progressive alliance a good idea? I've seen plenty of think pieces in support of this from the usual suspects on the idea. Anyhow here's an argument against such an alliance

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Say no to the “progressive alliance”
This week, George Monbiot took to the Guardian to profess his support for what he called a “progressive alliance”. This idea rears its ugly head from time to time, so its worth examining exactly why it’s such a bad idea, from Labour’s point of view, at least. My response is based around three questions. How do we define “progressive”? Are the parties involved compatible? And could it be electorally successful?
By Andy McDandy
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I spent some time over the weekend wondering what Labour would need to make up lost ground between now and the next GE. My thoughts are:

1. Corbyn to concede that for all his personal support, he's not making headway in the country, and to graciously announce he's standing down as Labour leader and call for candidates to offer themselves up.

2. An open and measured leadership contest featuring candidates from all wings of the party.

3. The new leader to deliver a comprehensive offer, with a strong connecting thread - that austerity has failed, that the Tories are a shambles, and that...

And there lands the Brexit brick. Say you formally oppose it and you've got a huge hurdle labelled SEVENTEEN MILLION BIGGEST VOTE EVER and the potential loss of the north. Say you back it and all those remainers think fuck that noise and go to the LDs. Say you respect the will of the people but want a clearer negotiating stance and a firm offer and they'll say you're shilly-shallying and flip-flopping and it's back to square one.

One thing's for sure though - any progressive alliance between Labour, LD, SNP etc, and you'd have Dacre frothing about "cosy back-room late night metropolitan elitist stitch-ups" in no time at all.
By mr angry manchester
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I think they have got to oppose Brexit, even if they lose seats in the North, it now seems to be THE big issue in politics, eclipsing everything else, and it seems to be a left/liberal v right wing twat issue.
By youngian
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Andy McDandy wrote: One thing's for sure though - any progressive alliance between Labour, LD, SNP etc, and you'd have Dacre frothing about "cosy back-room late night metropolitan elitist stitch-ups" in no time at all.
Vote Farron and get Corbyn would be a death nail for LDs in the 2020 electoral chances. Nor can Lib Dem's guarantee all their voters will deliver and Labour has to woo voters that wouldn't consider themselves as part of a progressive alliance.

Zac Goldsmith was a regressive alliance candidate. My perceived wisdom is that it looks like a stitch up and can backfire but maybe I'm wrong as times are a changin'. Party political loyalty is more fluid and weaker these days.
By bluebellnutter
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It depends when the vote is. 12 months from now Brexit might be the biggest shitstorm in history and all but the most ardent Brexiters might be having serious cause for reconsidering.
By mattomac
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Still not sure the given narrative on UKIP, Curtice has cast doubt, yes it really does mean moving on from where Labour currently are but a soft left leader still gives Labour a chance in my view.

As for the progressive alliance lets not forget... ... ries-clegg" onclick=";return false;

The only people who often talk openly is Labour, the LDs, Greens and so on love to talk about it but they never seriously consider it.

It's like Stein in America, what in the fuck is she doing now?
By Arrowhead
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Apologies for resurrecting such an old thread, but when I went to start one specifically for the much-mooted 'Remain Alliance' the forum software politely insisted I post either here or under the one devoted to the Taxpayers Alliance instead :lol:

This is why I'm not putting too much faith in a Remain Alliance being much of a thing at the upcoming GE:

The Stroud Conservative Association will no doubt be delighted at this news.

The only reason I can think of is that David Drew is one of the few Eurosceptic Labour MP's currently in parliament. However, as far as I am aware he hasn't been one of troublemakers whatsoever - in fact, I'm not even sure he's broken the Labour whip once since his re-election in 2017. I certainly don't recall seeing his name alongside the likes of Hoey, Mann, Stringer, Flint etc during any of the most divisive Brexit votes this year.

I also think talk of Labour and the LD's obediently standing aside for one another across dozens of seats is also wildly optimistic. Even Paddy Ashdown and Tony Blair would have struggled to get such a arrangement past their parties. In the era of Swinson and Corbyn, it will surely be virtually impossible to achieve?
By Timbo
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Hopefully the Brexit Party will even things out a little in these tight marginals. I'm even holding out a glimmer of hope for Clwyd West - the incumbent Tory (David Jones, ERG mouth-frother) is retiring and the coastal towns here are stuffed with Tebbitesque retirees from the richer parts of the Wirral. However, it was Labour here until 2005 so there is everything to play for.
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