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By cycloon
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Is there a possible legal equivalency between that and sending a device or poison by mail? Freedom of speech means fuck all in the case of anthrax letters, etc.
By Bones McCoy
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:And those who retweeted are being investigated as well.

Not a force for good, Twitter, is it?
It's an easy and cheap source for impoverished news organisations.
That has amplified the significance of a vacuous medium.
Quality suffers all round.

An excellent example of the slide of Question Time.
You can cite the permanent seat for Farage, the BNP episode or the allegedly handpicked audiences.
I think the slide began when they hooked up to twitter in the name of greater interactivity.
By davidjay
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It's all about clickbait. You can get a well-constructed comment that might get a bit of rational debate, or you can spend the same time and effort finding a dozen arsey tweets and get the hits.
By Andy McDandy
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Ah yes, "greater interactivity", AKA keep the costs low. Booking guests, researching topics, all of that takes effort and costs money. On the other hand, filling space with the thoughts of the great British public is a) cheap, and b) a no-lose situation. The thick people get a chance to make their points while the programme makers/editors get to go "look at these people, have a good sneer".

There used to be a feature on local news in the Midlands where they'd give a "normal person" a camcorder and let them film a bit about an issue that concerned them. This would invariably be a 5 minute piece on potholes delivered in the most stilted manner possible while you'd realise that making stuff look good on film takes quite a bit of skill.
By Philip Marlow
This is a very beautiful thing.

You Are Not a Rebel
In case you hadn’t heard, a few months ago some white supremacists decided that the rescue boats trying to save desperate people from drowning in the Mediterranean were a threat to “European” way of life. (I will not dignify them with the term “activists,” because activists have meetings and have read things that aren’t spittle-flecked sexually paranoid internet retro-rants about white people being bred out of existence.) They decided to solve the problem by pursuing a merry life of adventure on the high seas. No, really. These rudderless twits went ahead and chartered a boat, with the initial, unabashedly evil intention of impeding the rescue ships, a plan which was quickly changed to “monitoring” said ships, as apparently nobody had any idea how to do actual sea battle, because whatever the copyright people told us, downloading a lot of free porn does not, by itself, make you a pirate. ... ot-a-rebel
By Samanfur
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I came across this earlier:
Sentimentality and the building blocks of bigotry

Last week Dutch TV regaled us with a humanising segment about Geert Wilders’ cats. In this segment, journalist Eva Jinek asks pressing questions such as how he scratches his cats’ ears and how he dealt with the grief of losing his elderly cat. This is an opportunity for the viewer to connect with Wilders’ “soft side”, share his emotions, empathise with his tenderness and warmth.

That this is a man whose strategy is based on the systematic denial of factual information is conveniently omitted from the segment. We are not reminded that his politics are the politics of feelings and emotion. His hatred of Muslims is not based on facts or concrete evidence but on his “hunches” (he just knows they are up to no good! he has suspicions, he has an inkling they are bad people, etc). So, when he shows his warmth and affection for his cats, it is strongly implied that his emotions are just like ours. This is a man of pure heart! His sentiments can be trusted, you can see it for yourself! We do not merely get a humanised Wilders, we get a validation of his emotions. When at the next opportunity he incites hatred for a group, you might remember how his feelings for his cats are just like yours so why wouldn’t you also share these other feelings with him? After all, the man is just like you, isn’t he?
By Samanfur
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Except when he tested his cyanide capsules on them.

He also banned fox-hunting - something that the Countryside Alliance never lets people forget.
By Bones McCoy
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Samanfur wrote:Except when he tested his cyanide capsules on them.

He also banned fox-hunting - something that the Countryside Alliance never lets people forget.
The CSA don't realise this is evidence that they're more right-wing than Hitler.
By Samanfur
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Shush! You'll ruin the narrative!
By Bones McCoy
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Maybe there's scope for an "Alt right myth of the week" board.

This week a Mississippi school board has pulled To Kill a Mockingbird from one of their reading lists.
Facebook is filling up with identikit comments blaming Snowflakes who are upset by the N-word and cultutal marxists.

I could be jumping to conclusions, but I don't imagine many of those types on a Mississippi school board.
It seems far more likely that people are offended by the book's message.
The same types as are offended by black actors in British Victorian settings.
By Andy McDandy
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"I'm not having my kid read that commie nigger lovin' crap!"

By The Red Arrow
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The dedication is an open invitation for Pavlovian fuckwits, but this is a fine essay on where things are headed and why puching Nazi's is is fine, amongst other things...

Nazism: what it is, why we fight it, and how
“Nazi” is not a slur: it has a meaning. ... 4437fc6150" onclick=";return false;
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