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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I've always thought that GB was a politician of great depth and intelligence, who had a rough deal, and made a huge rod for his own back in dithering over a GE when he became Labour leader. He stands head and shoulders above the nonentities and wasters of politics 2017. He commands respect everywhere except Dacre Towers.

I've not spent a huge amount of time looking at his speech on the Union (was travelling all day yesterday and doing the shopping and washing today) but I am very intrigued.

Long ago I came to the conclusion that the future for Great Britain was a federal state, with the five nations having a certain autonomy but also a shared foreign and trading platform. It sees GB has the same idea. ... ter-brexit" onclick=";return false;
The former prime minister said the UK should become a federal state, with the Scottish parliament taking control over fisheries, farming, welfare and far more taxation after EU powers are repatriated to the UK.
Brown’s proposals support policies being pushed by Scottish Labour’s leader, Kezia Dugdale, as its alternative to independence. They argue federalism could strengthen and benefit all UK nations and regions by decentralising power and reducing the grip of Westminster.
The Bank of England would be reorganised as a federal institution with Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish representation, while defence, foreign affairs, pensions and basis welfare powers would be controlled at the UK level.

Brown’s intervention suggests Labour could argue for a federal option to be included in a future independence referendum..

“The status quo has been overtaken by events, because unless powers, now with the European Union, are repatriated from Brussels to the Scottish parliament, the Welsh assembly and the regions, Whitehall will have perpetrated one of the biggest power grabs by further centralising power,” he said.
What thinks the panel?
If Orca is still reading I'd love to hear his take on this, as well as our Norn Iren contributors, as well as the Scots. And English.
By youngian
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I 'd be in favour of some kind of English assembly that didn't duplicate Westminster but ran like a council of ministers of regions and cities. But like Brown's useful contribution its all a parlour game until the Brexit end game plays out. And as May is essentially granting Scotland a referendum on the Brexit deal, when does England and Wales get one? Perhaps Littlejohn or Rod Liddle could lead the charge against this discrimination against the English.
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