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By Malcolm Armsteen
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MisterMuncher wrote:I doubt Hammond has the common sense to pour shite from a welly boot with instructions on the heel.
:D :D :D
By Arrowhead
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Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this:
Britain Elects‏ @britainelects 13 minutes ago

Westminster voting intention:
LAB: 45% (+5)
CON: 39% (-3)
LDEM: 7% (-)
UKIP: 3% (+1)

(via @Survation / 10 Jun)
Chgs. w/ GE2017
By youngian
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PaulOnBooks wrote:Tim Walker, Conservative pundit: "Philip Hammond would I believe have the common sense to invite people of ability from across House to serve under him in national interest."
These Brexit Tory fuckers have the nerve to start talking about national consensus with the citizens of nowhere in all party Brexit negotiating team. If Corbyn got in with a small majority the Torie would send him on his way to Brussels so he carries the shitcan.
By youngian
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Jez is highly regarded for his socially liberal credentials among LDs so I would assume he is among Tory ones as well. Our PPC bought this up at CLP get together this evening. We're in a Tory Remain constituency where issues like fox hunting can harm the Tories so goodness knows what damage the DUP are going to do to the Tories.
By Fozzy
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Remember the case challenging NHS charges for Northern Ireland women wanting abortions - ... -court-law" onclick=";return false;?

With splendid timing, the Supreme Court decision is due out this week. If it goes in favour of the appellants, that could provide an interesting early test of any alliance with the DUP.
By KevS
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Nicky Morgan on Peston, and Anna Soubry on Sunday Politics stick the boot in within five minutes of each other saying that there is no way that May can get to the next election.

Gideon, barely containing his glee, labels her a "dead woman walking" whilst reviewing the papers on Marr.

Heseltine basically saying she's had it on Marr. And Peston. And Ridge.

What larks!
By Big Arnold
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Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker TOLD Theresa May to call the General Election because he feared her slim majority would hold up a Brexit settlement ... z4jiLIxrcy" onclick=";return false;

I have this mental image of the Mays, David Davis, and Juncker ending a tiring day hiking in the mountains with a visit to a Welsh pub. They all get drunk and can't remember whose idea it was.
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