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By MisterMuncher
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I'd say it's a coincidence in part. They're there to set up offices etc as usual, but the media glare is too good to waste. Ideal time to talk turkey on the legally/ethnically dubious nature of the MayDUP fudge with respect to the GFA. It'll not be Gerry doing it anyway. My money is on that pretty new lass elected in Derry. She can carry that point, the idea that constitutional Nationalism has a new keeper (having won the last SDLP stronghold), and maybe a wee damp eye for old Uncle Marty, this isn't what he worked for etc.

Meanwhile, the DUP will be trying to cope with real investigation rather than Steroid Nolan and the Belly Telly
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By MisterMuncher
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I have been saying that the DUP are sufficiently mired in shit of their own making, they'd be extremely fortunate to be offered enough to cover it, then told to shut the fuck up and do as they're bid. On one hand, May needs them. On the other, they've no real negotiating strength, as they're not going to go elsewhere anyway, and if they don't do some kind of deal, they're fucked.
By The Red Arrow
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Just a coincidence, I'm sure...

Theresa May appoints anti-LGBT justice secretary with appalling gay rights voting record during DUP talks

Josh Jackman
12th June 2017, 9:36 AM ... otiations/" onclick=";return false;
By mr angry manchester
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Thing is, the DUP aren't really all that arsed if there is another election, as they are certain to get re elected. This can not be said of quite a lot of Tories.
By MisterMuncher
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Not as certain as you might think. Certain candidates are pretty sure of themselves, but a rerun might not see the same generosity of spirit from the UUP. It wouldn't take a huge amount to tip North or South Belfast green for one thing.
By youngian
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Thing is, the DUP aren't really all that arsed if there is another election, as they are certain to get re elected.

As Muncher touched on the DUP could face a youth backlash and I'm sure there's plenty of working class DUP voters that don't like the Tories and think their austerity stinks.
By youngian
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As Theresa May holds talks with Arlene Foster, the DUP are said to be unhappy that two women are having an unsupervised conversation.
FFS you at least do your dirty work in private instead of giving them a red carpet photo call.

By Bones McCoy
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The Red Arrow wrote:Get your titters out...

"Democracy is a wonderful thing"
"Labour stands ready to offer strong and stable leadership in the national interest" - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - BBC News

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I'm really enjoying the humiliating "Yeah but we won" whining form the butthurt tory tweetists.
Not when you factor in the context in which Corbyn is on about and he wants to be PM over May, that's not how the vote went. Again
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