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Daley Mayle wrote:
lord_kobel wrote:
Daley Mayle wrote: while immigration can be positive for the country it does have some negative impacts.
But as I've said before, the "negative impacts" are not caused by immigration, but by governments failures to spend money.
Sir! I salute your indefatigable support of your end of the spectrum and your resolution to not move an inch!
Why would I? Immigration brings in more than enough money to offset any problems it might cause. The fact it isn't being spent in this way is not the fault of the immigrant.
Daley Mayle wrote:It's not me that needs convincing, I get it.
Daley Mayle wrote:3. Not all immigrants are the same. There are good immigrants and there are bad immigrants.
I am not entirely sure that you do get it. If this badness is to have a causal link to someone's birthplace or former, overseas homeland, we are closing in on definitions of xenophobia and racism.

You seem quite comfortable, nevertheless, to make that statement. This despite, time and again, it being demonstrated (but not widely reported), that criminality within the immigrant cohort is no greater than in the original population.
Daley Mayle wrote:So there are only good immigrants?
Immigration is not a personal characteristic so it is impossible to label an immigrant good or bad simply because they fall within that demographic.

The debate is as meaningless as arguing whether they are good or bad people from Wiltshire.
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