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Loughborough - Nicky Morgan.
At least we have put up a hard working, well liked local, Althought his skin-tone might be a bit much for some of the pearl graspers. Morgan likely to win through quantity rather than quality, she's not to the the taste of a good few in her own party locally.
Now Bezirk Baden in Aargau. My vote's dropped off the 15 year cliff so I'm watching this clusterfuck helplessly.

My constituency was Lewisham East which is Heidi Alexander by a large majority. (in fact I moved from Lewisham West last boundary review)

When I moved to London it was Tory, held by the Miniature for Sport, Colin Moynihan thanks to the SDP. We got rid of hin in 1992.
South Down: Margaret Ritchie (SDLP)

Once a bit of an SDLP fortress, this, back in the days of Seamus Mallon. Currently a lot closer, probably a toss-up between Ritchie and Chris Hazzard of the shinners.

Personally, I don't vote SF, particularly in Westminster elections, Margaret Ritchie is a deeply unpleasant human being regardless of politics, UUP candidate is a bollocks and I'd sooner piss on HT lines than vote DUP. Alliance it is, then.
Eastbourne. Currently Tory, but two out of the last four MPs were Libdems. Tactical voting by Labour and the Greens could unseat Ansell.

Eastbourne Green candidate apologises for blunder ... -1-7994457" onclick=";return false;

She was right though.
Rochester and Strood (the towns that voted Ukip). Kelly Tolhurst is the Tory incumbent. Useless, but Labour third behind Kippers in last GE. Kippers will fall apart but too much ground to make up. Labour candidate is my local councillor and she's very good.
Birmingham Northfield: Richard Burden (Labour). I have voted Labour and helped get our vote out, Came home as I wasn't feeling great. The Tories have got a lousy candidate, response on the doorstep has been pretty good, the only problem we have is UKIP aren't standing. We've ran a very personal campaign focusing on Richard and his record in the constituency.
Boiler wrote:South Holland and The Deepings: John Hayes.
Definitely my favourite constituency name that.

New constituency for me this time, Tamworth. Has been bellwether since its creation in 1997. Lab taking three elections with increasingly smaller majorities until 2010. The Tory incumbent, Chris Pincher, then upped his majority in 2015, from 6k to 11k. Even if all the UKIP votes from last time went to Labour, it wouldn't be enough.
Rossendale and Darwen. Usually a bellwether constituency. Currently held with a 5k majority by Jake Berry, who's one of Boris' chief cheerleaders for a new royal yacht, and another MP who caught Diane Abbott's 'Brexit' flu' on the second reading day (although in his case, it was allegedly a Brexit migrine).

Regarded as a desirable marginal. I'd like to be optimistic, but since the Labour candidate was a Rossendale council leader who barely mentioned Darwen during the campaign, I wonder if the national picture'll make voters overlook that she didn't seem to acknowledge half of them.
Cambridgeshire South East which is a Tory seat shaped like a G clamp around Cambridge but has a fast-changing demographic. Labour could be looking at second place for the first time ever. I've been in Cambridge a lot of the time which is the Lib Dem No1 target seat. I hear conflicting reports but I will be surprised if the Lib Dems win. They've had to fill antipathy among Labour voters to switch over Brexit with a weird local pavement politics campaign about city funding or something.
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