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The Tories held on in my constituency, but Labour cut the majority almost in half. Again, not bad when you consider that I think we had a lacklustre candidate.
mattomac wrote:
visage wrote:Kingston & Surbiton, and I suspect Ed Davey might be a rare positive note for the LDs. Still got strong recognition, and the current MP hasnt exactly covered himself in glory in the last two years.
Haha maybe I should be more careful what I write on here...

Same ward and I believe the same, Berry's approach to surgeries is awful as well. I've been absolutely pilloried with personalised letters from Mr Davey. Tories seemed to be matching them at one point but last 2 weeks nothing, so I guess my area isn't being particularly positive towards Berry.
...And so it came to pass.
Labour came second in Horsham. Astonishing as they've been nowhere here for a long time. UKIP were 2nd last time, prior to that it's been the Lib Dems.
Labour absolutely stormed it in Manchester Withington, best part of an extra 12,000 voters since 2015. Shame my bods back home in Copeland didn't see the error of their ways, though.
Arnold wrote:Canterbury has elected a Labour MP for the first time since the constituency was formed in 1918.
So has Portsmouth South. Labour more than doubled its vote here; it finished a distant third in 2015. And this was solid Leave territory.

The LibDems' "Labour can't win here" election literature now looks seriously hubristic.

Possible explanations:
– Increase in the student vote. There's a big university catchment, which mostly used to support Mike Hancock (the friend of Putin and extra special friend of Russian interns) before splintering – and abstaining – in 2015;
– Very poor and invisible MP (Flick Drummond) whose main intervention has been to criticise her own voters for backing Leave. Many are in the military and the defence industry; Flick (who grew up in Aden) is very much from the officer class, and has done little to argue against cuts to the forces' budget;
– Lots and lots of legwork by the young Labour candidate Stephen Morgan and his constituency people*. The seat was not a priority on the target list until about a week before the election when polling began to show that the LibDem vote was drifting towards Labour. (This was a Liberal seat between the 1990s and 2015, and it was a major Lib target this time.) Then Morgan was able to secure resources from the centre which were vital in the last few days.

*Not including me because 1) I'm unwell and 2) I gave up on the constituency party when senior figures began feuding with each other all over the media as soon as Corbyn won the Labour leadership. Pretty much the reasons why I have disengaged from Mailwatch too! Hopefully we can put all that behind us now, especially the unwellness.
Please stay re-engaged here ezinra, and stay well.

Maidenhead - dunno how much can be read into a 26,500 majority in the PM's constituency, but Labour pushed the Lib Dems down to third. It wasn't so long ago this was a Lib Dem target seat as part of their infamous 'decapitation' strategy.

Turnout was 76.5%.

Otherwise, as always the PM's seat attracts a long list of weirdo candidates, of which 'Lord Buckethead' was one of the top scorers. Spare a thought for Independent Bobby Smith, who secured a mighty three votes. One of which, presumably, was himself. This reminds me of the episode of Neighbours, where Julie Robinson stands for election, gets two votes, and then tries to work out which of her father and husband didn't vote for her.

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