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By PaulOnBooks
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Malcolm Wood‏ @Askrigglad wrote:
Support for Grenfell residents is fading. They have been offered money, food, clothing, housing and full support, yet still they complain.
An Ipswich Tory‏ @StokeParkCllr wrote:
An Ipswich Tory Retweeted Malcolm Wood
Not forgetting that they actually came out of it alive. Afraid I feel you might be right..
Malcolm is just your typical dickhead but the replier is Cllr Nadia Cenci, Ipswich Conservative Group Leader.
By mattomac
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Can't see why they lost Ispwich, can you?

Though thankfully Labour are a majority in council. They want a future Malcolm....We'll burn your house down and all it's belongings and then suggest that insurance wasn't worth anything.

Sure after a month you'll be wondering why anyone still gives a damn.
By Silkyman
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Drove past it twice in the past week. It's horrific knowing what happened in there and who is still in there. I certainly wouldn't like to be walking past it at night and it must be pretty damaging to the mental health of the suvivors or anyone else in the area.
By The Weeping Angel
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Just vile. ... e-1.450096
]A volunteer working with victims of the Grenfell Tower fire has said the 71 people who died in the disaster were “burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice”.

Tahra Ahmed, a conspiracy theorist who believes the 9/11 terror attack was faked by Jews, has been running an aid network to help those affected by fire.

According to The Times, Ms Ahmed, 47, told reporters that the fire was a “holocaust”.

Ms Ahmed shared her view that Jews were responsible for the tragedy on her Facebook page
By Big Arnold
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Grenfell Six' in hiding: Friends of bonfire video gang are spotted delivering Tesco groceries hours after they were swept out of police station in two unmarked vans and taken to secret location

Scotland Yard today declined to respond to MailOnline's request for an explanation amid accusations they actively helped move the men to secret locations under the cover of darkness.
It's called police protection which they need but don't deserve. ... ntest.html
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