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mr angry manchester wrote:It's an outrage! I must write an angry letter to the Daily Mail about it
I suppose if someone sent you a death threat saying you were about to get lynched you'd laugh it off then?
mr angry manchester wrote:The sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, with just a few wispy clouds, I am sitting in my comfy new recliner with a glass of wine. It is not a day for negativity :D
I'm alright Jack how very Thatcherite of you. :lol:
Not that surprised TBH, the Leavers hate Phil as he says things they don't like to hear, whereas Remainers aren't particularly fussed about him I would imagine.
mattomac wrote:Question is do people even know who these people are ....

Look at Starmer, Soubry and Thornberry.

Isn't that fairly normal not to recognise shadow and cabinet ministers and backbenchers? Unless they are 'a character.' It doesn't help to be a tall poppy as Mo Mowlam found to her cost.
Jeremy Corbyn.

Try and come up with a more original response.


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