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By Abernathy
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Don't believe them opinion polls..... part 312.
But of course, polling varies depending on the nature of the questions asked, the way they are framed and the polling company’s own pecularities. ... er-tories/

Socialist nirvana here we come !
By Abernathy
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You know all those people saying they aren't happy with Corbyn's piss-poor take on Brexit?

Fake news. ... xvtq6KOC3g

Is Skwawkbox working with Donald Trump?
By The Weeping Angel
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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. ... 53681.html
An ex-Labour MP has won £75,000 in damages after pursuing a High Court case against a union and a blogger for libel.

Anna Turley – who lost her seat in Redcar, North Yorkshire, in the recent general election – had sued Unite and blogger Stephen Walker.

Mr Justice Nicklin, who oversaw a High Court trial in London in November, ruled in her favour on Thursday.

Ms Turley said a 2017 article on Mr Walker’s left-wing Skwawkbox blog, which contained a press statement from Unite, libelled her by conveying the meaning that she had acted dishonestly when submitting an application to join the union.

She also said Unite had misused her private information.
By youngian
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An inane story about a relatively unknown MP is not what you risk your arse on. The costs won’t be coming out of Len’s current account so “you win some, lose some,” the Unite leader said philosophically as he left the Ivy.

Momentum’s Twitter lawyers have been out in force delivering their alternative verdict. Some of which merit the attention of Turley’s brief.
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