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By youngian
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Labour hasn't had a councillor in Worthing for 40 years and neither did the Tories gain from UKIP's collapse in Margate. Usual caveats apply like woefully low turnout.

Margate Central (Thanet) result:
LAB: 57.5% (+23.7)
CON: 24.1% (+3.6)
UKIP: 6.6% (-25.2)
LDEM: 4.2%
IND : 3.0%
GRN: 2.9% (-8.6)
IND: 1.6%

Marine (Worthing) result:
LAB: 47.4% (+27.8)
CON: 38.8% (-6.4)
LDEM: 11.3% (+1.1)
GRN: 2.5% (-6.2)

No UKIP as previous.
By Arrowhead
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A rather impressive jump in support for Labour in, of all places, Norfolk the other night:
Thetford Priory (Breckland) result:

LAB: 57.7% (+28.0)
CON: 29.5% (-3.7)
UKIP: 12.8% (-24.3)

Labour GAIN from Conservative
By youngian
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Labour has a presence in Thetford. I like to know how many UKIP votes went to the Tories and whether Labour picked up defecting Tory votes.

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