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By KevS
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Andrew Bridgen on Five Live showing his complete lack of class saying he couldn't stomach the Bercow tributes, despite there being ones from people like Peter Bone.

Bercow is basically worth a thousand of a pipsqueak like Bridgen.
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By Arrowhead
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Boiler wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:14 pm
According to Auntie, Sir Edward Leigh is in the running.
I would imagine Sir Lindsay Hoyle is the front runner. Harriet Harman and Chris Bryant have also been mentioned.

I wonder if one of the Tory rebels might be tempted, mischievously? Speaker Grieve would probably cause the ERG headbangers to spontaneously combust on the spot :lol:
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By Boiler
Hmmm. Wonder why the tweet's not showing inline?

(ETA: Firefox/AdBlock Plus setting. Now Whiney's fucked off I can turn it off.)
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By KevS
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A bit more meat on the bone. From Hansard in response to a point of order tribute from Ian Paisley Jr. of all people
Mr Speaker

I thank the hon. Gentleman for what he says but, above all, I am enormously appreciative of his remarks about the team in the Speaker’s Office, to whom I referred. They have been steadfast, unwavering, efficient and magnificent, all of them, and I have worked with many of them for several years in succession—a point of absolutely no interest to the bigoted faction who form their view and do not want any facts to get in the way. They will not write about it. They will scribble their bigoted drivel, because that is what they do. When their grandchildren ask, “What did you do for a living?”, they will say, “Well, I scribbled my bigoted drivel for some downmarket apology for a newspaper.”

Calling it a newspaper is probably a breach of the Trade Descriptions Act, but they will not mind—they are probably very proud. Trashy articles by trashy journalists for trashy newspapers. It goes with the turf. It is downmarket, substandard and low grade. There is no intellectual weight to it, but that is what they do. It will always be about ad hominem attacks, because that is what makes their world go round
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