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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Watchman wrote:Should it be treated the same as cigarettes and cancer?
If anyone from the medical profession even thought about suggesting the banning of cigarettes....imagine the Daily Mail lead chorus of "Fag-Nazi's.....Nanny state"
Australia has introduced a progressive ban, leading to totality by about 2040, Bhutan has banned tobacco products entirely as has Turkmenistan.
By mr angry manchester
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I can see cigarettes and smoking ultimately dying out. When I was younger it was pretty much universal, Mum and Dad both smoked, in the office, everyone lit up at their desks and no one was all that bothered, although I never started (tried one, once at 14, didn't like it)

Now, it has become marginalised, cigs are kept behind the counter in concealed cabinets, advertising of them has been banned for years now, and fewer people seem to be smoking
By Arnold
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Drug dealers hand out business cards with free samples and lighters to students during freshers week

Comments (moderated) aren't going Dacre’s way.
Lana Paradis, London, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
Who could possibly have imagined this sort of thing went on at University? I am outraged.
SlippingWithGerrard3, Old Trafford, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
You can't knock their entrepreneurial skills.. ... s-stu.html" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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Cigarette smoking is the one drug where there is a big reduction in consumption despite nicotine's highly addictive nature and being legal. The law plays a useful growing role with smoking bans and restricted sales & marketing for eg but its public health led strategy with the private sector providing safer alternatives for addicts such as Nicorette.
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