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Constable Sarky has been put in charge of Cambridge police's Twitter account
Call received from a landlord reporting a theft by one of her tenants. Currently no officers to deploy but CSI is on the way! #parkside24
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Reports of a disorder between members of staff and member of public at a city centre shop. More from that as we get it... #parkside24
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So, the recent kerfuffle about burglars or hate crimes. ... y-11541512

I've glanced at some tabloid headlines, read some comments round the interwebz, and read the above story.

Just me who's utterly unsurprised that the LAW'N'ORDER SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS GENE HUNT crowd don't give a fig about laws not being enforced, but rather want to fight a cultural battle?

I mean, if the law of the land is the law of the land, the police are supposed to a) protect it, and b) be able to protect it. If you disagree with a law, the solution is not to say the police shouldn't enforce it (unless it's egregiously unjust, which hate crimes legislation is not). That's not policing. Why is it that the comments of Sara Thornton are read by so many GOOD HONEST BRITS for 'bloody PC nonsense getting in the way of good policing' than 'hey, fuck this austerity that's forcing our police to selectively police more than is strictly necessary'.

Hmmm, I wonder...
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