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By Abernathy
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They're bastards, aren't they ?

They fixed the US election to get a tangerine coloured moron elected, they were up to no good in our EU referendum and made all the plebs vote Leave, and the fuckers take drugs and cheat at the Olympic games.

Wouldn't surprise me if they're eating English babies with a Heinz salad cream dip into the bargain.

What cunts, eh ?
By youngian
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Russia's tactics in interfering in foreign elections is similar in many ways to the US during the Cold War but US had many other strings to their bow to extend their power and influence. Putin's Russia has no desirable cultural hegemony, its economy is ramshackle and its military interventions don't extend much beyond its sphere of influence.
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By Abernathy
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:37 pm
I'll concede that Putin and chums are a bunch of front bottoms, but to define an entire nation as such might be straying into territory that we wouldn't like to claim.

How's that?

By Andy McDandy
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It's complicated but boils down to this. We play the game. Russia fights. They're rather amused by our concepts of rules and fair play.

Look at the last 250 years of eastern European history and the reasoning becomes clearer.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Of course you can't condemn an entire nation of 144 million in a single statement.

But of the Russian government you speak no wrong. They operate by standards that the rest of the world left behind when they achieved the Enlightenment. An atavistic society.
By bluebellnutter
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I think the thing is Russia is still a very "other" country. I went to Moscow just over a decade ago and one night we heard gunshots outside our hotel. We went to find the tour guide who said "Oh it's only the mafia" and went back to reading her paper.

Odd place. Fascinating, but odd.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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We had a bunch of Russians when I was at boarding school. Actually got on with them really well and they were a good source of cheap cigarettes. I did find them quite fascinating to talk to and they were nice lads as long as you're nice to them.

I found they do seem to operate under a very different rule structure than anyone else, though - mainly their own rules. They did what they wanted and the idea of 'not being allowed' was a cause of confusion for them.

One of them, Nikita, went out and got drunk at the nearest town one evening. He rolled in way after 'lights out' and the teacher in charge of our boarding house was apoplectic and started shouting at him. Nikita, as if it was completely normal, punched him in the face. Just calmly put him on his arse and strolled off to his room. They really don't give a fuck.

Another thing I noticed was when you asked what their fathers did for a job it was always a very mundane, 'low level' job. A cleaner, for example. Builder. Taxi driver. The school fee's were really quite expensive, so I wasn't convinced.
By mr angry manchester
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Never had anything to do with them personally, so cant really comment. They let Dad out of the POW camp in 1945 after the Germans had run away from them. I think they have always had a slightly sinister image portrayed by our media. During the cold war Russia was seen as a place where you would disappear off to a Gulag if you went there, now they have this image of being gangsters owning half of London
By Big Arnold
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Went on a tour to Moscow in the 1970s. Problem with two visas meant that two tour members (father and son) were held at the airport overnight. They weren't too pleased.
Handles came off a paper bag containing two bottles of Russian wine in the airport coming back. Bastards.
By cycloon
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Russia is a fascinating place. Awful, awful government. Moscow is amazing.

How 'the West' perceives 'Russia' is a perennially fascinating thing. The discourse is one of perpetual 'misunderstandings'. We don't understand Russia's special status and character, they don't understand our values, etc etc.

One really pernicious thing is the continued pretense that Russia has a kind of sonderweg when it comes to government. The amount of 'whataboutery' online to defend Russian government activity is the same old, same old in new form.
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