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By Kreuzberger
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Twitter does need to shoulder much of the blame for disseminating this.

When I was a lad, many years ago, eBay found themselves in breach of various laws in France, Germany and Austria regarding the depiction of Nazi symbols upon sellers' offers. Similarly, the CITES rules were ushered in and, as with the Third Reich memorabilia, anything remotely in contravention - including antique ivory - was unceremoniously dumped from the site.

No questions. Booted.

Twitter (and you-know-who) will not delete this English-language content because there is simply no imperative to do so. On the contrary, traffic loosely translates in to revenue.

They have cleaned up their act in Germany where new, draconian laws have had the desired effect. (Disclaimer; I was very much in two minds about the wisdom of policing opinion.) However, the world has not fallen in and is not the sewer it once was.

Now. The tories will not legislate against a platform where they are constantly playing catch-up. Even if they were to, it would take a month of Sundays for any new rules to come in to force.

Therefore, ethical investors' groups need to step up and demand that Twitter, or any other platform for that matter, take an active and defensive stance against hate-speech or become the investment pariahs.
Silkyman wrote:
Wed May 23, 2018 10:11 pm
There seems to be a real groundswell of genuine racism amongst politicians and commentators alike. And much of it seems to be given a free pass.

How does anyone thing this is an acceptable foray into the Nadine Dorries racism row?



On a more serious note, though, Bloom's tweet is indicative of the change that's happened over the past couple of years. The cunt believes he'll get away with crap like that and he probably will.
Cyclist wrote:
Thu May 24, 2018 9:32 am
The not-unexpected racism and batshittery aside, who gave that cunt the right to call himself "General"?
While reading his tweets last night I came across one in which he mentioned being an officer in the T.A. and "commanding" in an English county during, I think, the miners' strike. I'm sure he secretly hopes that a wave of gammon faced pricks arrive at his door demanding he be made Lord Protector.
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By Andy McDandy
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Yes and have a look at his age. He was in the TA when it was all about a bit of playing at soldiers and a lot of propping up the bar and saying how you'd love to have a crack at the Mick, but best leave it to the professionals, eh?

These days the TA are actually sent places to kill folks and get shot at. He really is an utter REMF.
By Watchman
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Silkyman wrote:
Wed May 23, 2018 10:14 pm
Meanwhile Kate Hopkins is calling someone a ‘jiggaboo’ one day and then reposting this the next...

If I remember correctly, the last politically active, white female, to be murdered in Britain, was a Labour MP
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Thu May 24, 2018 10:55 am
Yes and have a look at his age. He was in the TA when it was all about a bit of playing at soldiers and a lot of propping up the bar and saying how you'd love to have a crack at the Mick, but best leave it to the professionals, eh?
My friend Chris always referred to the TA as a 'themed drinking club'.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Me and Keith have just had this conversation on the Grimsby Memories Facebook Page:
XXX London ain't england nomore

Me: Really? I hadn't noticed, and I live there.

YYY: its londistan now

My Mate Keith: I live there too and the “Londistan” comment smells distinctly of racism.

Me: Especially as the first commenter claims to live in Bali. This is the usual rubbish from people who never come here, in my opinion.

Me: And I assume the 'them' coming to Grimsby refers to certain kinds of 'forrin' people?

YYY: it most certainly is it depends on how you compare racism and patriotism

Me: Perhaps you could enlighten us?

YYY: Certainley, Rascist is something white colonialists invented to show their superiority over the savage indigenous peoples of Africa, patriots are white people who do not want the same doing to them

Me: Oh dear. No point in continuing this. You are beyond belief.

YYY: no problem if you feel comfortable living with your head up your arse
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