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I did think about that, but fuckwits are at least consistent and Brexiters don't have to be hypocrites. Lawson though wants the freedom to travel freely to France that he doesn't want the rest of the UK to have.
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By spoonman
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MisterMuncher wrote:
Thu May 31, 2018 7:18 pm
Give me a shout if you need the forms. We have the express service points in the post offices here, supposedly 10-day turnaround.
My mother's still waiting on her new Irish passport to come despite it being estimated that it should be ready for dispatch last Monday, so over five weeks now. I did notice that on the DFA website that when she filed her application through the post office there was an estimated 23 working day waiting time for new NI applicants, now that's 31 working days. It's also almost impossible to get through to the passport office in Dublin by phone, they seem to prefer you to email instead.

Also just for an FYI there are also Irish passport express services at post offices in Liverpool and Glasgow if you're in around those places, should be able to pick up forms there too I'd imagine.

Edit: Current turnaround time - I'd imagine there's a backlog to get through. Bear in mind that the online applications can only be done for renewals.
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