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I don't know if this is a viable topic, but I couldn't think of a suitable place.

Prompted by this 'long read' on the Guardian ... fatal-flaw

A class-based (to a point: it doesn't really do much beyond decry 'banal Democrats' and says that his 'class' limits his ability to do anything, due to structural inequalities, and that such wealth is in itself a barrier) look at Soros. Internationalism, civil society, ideas over economics, regulated (to a point) markets. Failure to recognise ideas of others' (notably state self-interest), faith in liberal teleology, clear failure as evident by Orban et al (although that's not just down to Soros...?). I don't know enough about Soros to know whether the critique is just, but it is interesting.

I thought this might be a useful spot to post stuff relating to those people and ideas that more and more we only ever hear about through the filter of jaundiced, cynical and often straightforwardly dumb hysteria from the right across the West and Russia. I am slightly biased, but Isaiah Berlin seems relevant again: nationalism's necessity (up to a point, Lord Copper) and liberalism's opportunities, the power of ideas, and the fundamental importance of pluralism.
If you buy into the theory that history is cyclical, it will prevail in the long term, but not before one hell of a wake up call. I think we're heading for a major world war.
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