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By Big Arnold
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Scotland site selected as launch base for Lockheed Martin, Orbex

The proposed launch facility would be built on A’Mhoine Peninsula, a sparsely-populated stretch of land overlooking the sea. The first launch from Sutherland could happen in the early 2020s.
What if Scotland was independent by then? ... tin-orbex/
By Big Arnold
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"Mh" is pronounced "V", and its less romantic sounding meaning is "The peat bog".
They'll have to put a new road in. There's an A road running EW half way up the peninsula, and a cluster of villages on its east coast. Environmentalists won't be happy.
The peninsula contains a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) of blanket bog, covering 5,964 ha (14,740 acres).[1] Eriboll East and Whiten Head, at the western and northern sides of the peninsula, are designated as part of a special landscape area.[2] The A838 road crosses the peninsula on an east-west axis.
By youngian
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Its good news this sector is being put on the map (Osborne was sniffy about the sector when David Willets championed it as science minister). But there is a need to unpack the good bits from hyperbolic nonsense.

Listening to Science minister Sam Gyimah (PPE Oxford) I didn't understand his answer as to why rocket launches were being planned in northern Scotland rather than near the equator where its easier to achieve escape velocity. Or why we are building rockets at all when the French build them and leave comms satellite expertise to the British.

He was also waffling on about the search for aliens in collaboration with NASA. Blasting off to Planet Fuckloon in March 2019 with Trump's Spaceforce.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Are we building rockets? I thought it was satellites and infrastructure.

But then I heard it on the BBC and the reporter made such a hash of it that it was hard to make much sense. Apparently the northern site is there to access space areas where we need satellites.

I like the horizontal launch idea - but did the BBC have to explain what horizontal and vertical mean?
By bluebellnutter
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KevS wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:59 pm
I still can't make my mind up if it's the Highlands or Craggy Island for me when the Brexit nonsense finally gets too much.
"I hear you're a Brexiter now, Father!"
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By Killer Whale
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:44 pm
Hobbit languages.

What, pray tell, are we supposed to make of "A’Mhòine"?

Is it "Rocket McRock Face"?
Can I respectfully invite you to fuck off?

What is it with otherwise 'progressive' people and their imperialistic attitudes to the Celtic fringe?
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By Kreuzberger
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Yes, but only by marriage - my mother's second and my own first. But, I don't just single out the short-legged, flame-haired fellow island-dwellers for their production of guttural slime for no apparent reason.

I have to contend daily with tortured ober-Bayerisch, an ancient form of snot-fuelled yodelling which is used to communicate by the residents of, as far as I can see, only a handful of postcodes.

I hope no one is offended by that.
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