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I caught the programme on Gordon Brown last night (on the BBC news channel) and it was fantastic , enthralling stuff.

These programmes are just Richards speaking, unscripted, to the camera for around 30 minutes on the subject of various Prime Ministers of recent times, sort of in the manner of the great AJP Taylor.

All of his talks are available here on Youtube : ... NyaXMFSAvF

Highly recommended. I think that Richards is a very insightful and under-rated journalist.
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I caught a few of them when they were broadcast on R4. He's quite often on Dateline London, a 30-minute televisual delight where a panel of four journalist from around the world discuss national and international current affairs. It's fascinating and depressing to hear the views of the forrin hacks when it come to Brexit. They talk about the UK like friends and relatives clustered around the bed of a dying loved one.
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