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By KevS
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Credit where it's due, several politicians from all parties tweeted their support.

However, on the other hand, there was plenty like this from Government members:

As Marina Hyde pointed out, way to impress those who will be voting for the first time in 2022.
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By KevS
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In fact, the more I think about it, the more I am at a loss to understand why some member of the older generations are so against the children doing this sort of thing. Don't they want those that follow to have the same standard of life that they have?

I mean, whichever way you voted regarding Brexit, you could argue that you have done that precisely because you want the same standard of life to continue. Your thinking may be proven completely wrong, but at least there is a chance that what you think will happen could happen. With this, if the planet's screwed up, that's it, game over. Last time I looked, Moonbase Alpha hasn't opened yet.
Climate change denial. The key word there is denial.

It is far to hurtful to accept that "we" as humans cause climate change through the use of fossil fuels. So "we" employ denial so we can continue with our use of fossil fuels and feel good about it. It is just too painful to consider that we need to reduce fossil fuel usage fast and by a large amount.

Just like Brexit denial. Otherwise known as Project Fear. Albeit Project Fear was true with Osborne and Cameron in charge of the remain campaign

The other defence mechanism that will kick in when everything goes to shit is projection. Brexiters will blame anyone but themselves when it all goes to shit.

Every crap part of history is basically caused by people telling themselves lies so they can feel better than "other" people or groups, or the world turning to shit around them.

It is hard for me not to despise the human race on some mornings when I wake up. Then I realize that not everyone is a bad egg.
By Timbo
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The House of Commons today, showing the importance placed on climate change by our legislators when the first debate on the subject in two years is tabled:
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