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I agree with Kobel and Dayley that climate change is a much bigger problem. I suppose that will increase denial.

As it is, climate change should be taught as part of critical thinking. The obvious motive for the denial is that people want to continue to use fossil fuels while believing there is no consequence for their actions. Looking for the motive for denial/lying is the very core of critical thinking.

Of course the climate change deniers would then say that critical thinking classes on climate change denial are simply indoctrinating those being taught against climate change denial. Then, of course, those teaching climate change denial critical thinking classes can simply say they are not teaching climate change denial.
Trump mixes up climate change with weather once again

So no least means error to get your result?

Still there was a climate change advocate doing similar on npr last week by attributing weather events to climate change.

That's why I prefer global warming to climate change. Global implies the actual fucking problem. The warming is global.
Sorry science.

Weather is very noisy. Consider this noisy sine wave.


You can see a trend but if it was applied to human thinking about weather, as opposed to climate, people would follow the noise on the signal.

"Oooh it's hot"

"Ooh it's cold"

Ad nauseum.

Climate is even worse.
Timbo wrote:
Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:55 pm
No, not 'if' anything. They describe different things. One being one part of another.
Global warming is the important part. If temperature change is not "global" the whole argument against man made climate change crashes.
By Timbo
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Temperature change isn't currently global, though. Radiative forcing doesn't work that neatly.
High GHG concentrations have far wider implications than simply warming, such as ocean acidification. The reason the two terms co-exist is because they mean different things. You can't complain that something is politicised with one hand then attach relative judgements of importance with the other.
By Timbo
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I don't think anyone on here really needs convincing as to the merits of the situation. The problem we've got in the UK is principally now one of adaptation, rather than mitigation (in terms of recognition of the issues). In the course of my work I've had conversations with a few architects who proudly proclaim how green their building design is, and just repeat the same thing when you ask what they've done to take climate change into account. The concept of hotter summers, winter surface water deluge and coastal flooding haven't really sunk in with them yet. The greatest challenge is very much in that regard.
The problem you have in the UK is, apart from me wishing I was sharing a nice bottle of wine with you, is that you are a wonderful person who has empathy for people.

However, you cannot convince vile people to change their behavior. That's why government is necessary, because humans cannot govern themselves. They lie to other people to get what they want from them.

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