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By Timbo
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My husband is an EU citizen who has lived in the UK since 2011. For a few years he was a student, and has since lived with me. We've been married for a couple of years. Anyway, just after the brexit vote he filled in the 85-page application form for Permanent Residence, in order to naturalise himself as a British citizen. This was declined because he didn't have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance - a criteria which doesn't really apply to the UK do to our unusual universal system of coverage, and which only began to be enforced under the Tories.

When Theresa May finally announced the Settled Status scheme, and that they would now be disregarding the CSI requirement, I thought the endless limbo we've been stuck in would finally be over, but today, upon submitting his application, he has been declined and offered pre-settled status.

I feel absolutely fucking sick to my stomach. When will this bullshit end? I feel powerless to help someone I love dearly. I am utterly deflated, but I have to stay strong and positive for us both right now. Fuck brexit and fuck May. I feel pushed to the point where I want to leave this country and never return.
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By Catkins
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Very sorry to hear that.

Can you book an appointment with your MP? The Home Office has (or used to have) a special unit dealing with MPs enquiries. If your husband has already been here for 8 years then it looks like a cock-up.

I've heard today that people applying for settled status have been asked to prove where they've lived throughout the entirety of 2019.

I suspect that it was a case of 'computer says no' so you need to get someone to manually process an application.

Alternatively, if you are married to a man from a warm, welcoming, EU country, I'd consider emigrating!
By Abernathy
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Just to echo Catkins's advice, Tim. Your MP should be your first port of call.

Definitely sounds as if the HO has dropped the ball, and your MP needs to take your case forward.
By Biggus Robbus
I know I am a joker Timbo but being an immigrant myself that is awful.

I would look at the alternative of leaving the UK if push comes to shove. You will not regret that decision if you get the opportunity.

Although I am a US citizen now I get terrified at the thought of being sent back to a, this forum's company excluded, shithole like the UK.

And, with exceptions, it is a steaming shithole.
By Timbo
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Thankfully a glimmer of light on the horizon, he's been approved after submitting supporting documentation that many won't be fortunate enough to have available.

Now just the £1300 punt and several months of waiting to see if we can get him citizenship, the application for which requires him once again to evidence his residence in the country for the last three years, despite having literally just done so for a five-year period to get the Settled Status. It's like something out of a tedious, slightly menacing Kafka novel. Not to mention I'm having to send off my passport along with his, in the faint hope of getting back before I'm next in Sweden at the end of March... :?
By Catkins
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You might be safer getting a second passport rather than trusting the government to return it by March.

Tell the Passport Office you are planning to travel to Israel or something. They'll issue a second passport in circumstances like that.

I know it's even more expense, but it could be a lot less stressful.
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