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By Timbo
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That has May written all over it. Mean-spirited, petty, pointlessly cruel to no useful end. All about getting a headline figure down. I used to think her obsession with net migration was about vote chasing, but it seems to be a deeply personal crusade. She appears incapable of empathy, hence the trail of fallen people behind her who made the mistake of thinking she'd ever give three-fifths of a flying fuck about any of them. Tragic. I think we are now at the point where we can say she has done more harm than Thatcher ever could have dreamed of.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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More Hostile Environment? ... 91536.html

18-year old female Egyptian student is attacked by six young woman - twice, they pursue her onto a bus to continue their attack. She subsequently dies of a brain bleed.

Murder? Manslaughter? Nope, Affray. One step up from Common Assault.

The victim's parents are ignored by the CPS and police.

"Fuck it, she's foreign."
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