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By Abernathy
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He's right about it perhaps being too late now to redeem anything that might afford us a slim hope of yet preventing Brexit from the obscene farce of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Which is immensely depressing.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I'm not a Blunkett fan, nor a believer in the Wat Tyler defence, but this seems to hit the target: ... e-advisers
Writing in the Observer, Blunkett says Labour is “imploding” because of its confused stance on Europe, and needs to act fast to clarify its position and stamp out what he calls “incompetence” at the top.

“Together with Jeremy Corbyn himself, Seumas Milne [his director of strategy], Karie Murphy [chief of staff] and the leader of Unite, Len McCluskey, must surely be held to account for the direction Labour has taken,” Blunkett says. He adds that there is “not going to be an attempted coup against Corbyn so there has to be a very different approach to saving the party and the chance of defeating this shambles of a Conservative government”.
Jeremy Corbyn won’t listen to the many and heeds only the few

Blunkett says: “In my view there are two forces within the Labour movement – the unions and Momentum – who must now act to get rid of those key advisers who are a block on policy changes and who are responsible for the incompetence we are seeing.

“The major unions have historically played a key role in the stability of the Labour party, taking difficult and sometimes painful action when failure had to be dealt with. This is such a moment.”
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